Hector Herrera

Freelance Engineer & Project Manager

Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States
2 Skills

836 Ridgewood Way.

Madison, WI. USA. 53713.

E-mail: business.012@live.com

Seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills and abilities to contribute to the success of your organization.

Bachelor of Science / Industrial Engineering / Technological Institute of Queretaro, Mexico.

Summary of Qualifications:
(Extensive management experience)
International Business, Material Handling Logistics, Industrial Manufacturing Process and Development of Industrial Projects.

Main Professional Experience:

0. Environmental Engineering Services. 2001- Present.

Madison, WI. USA.

1. Company name: TAASA. Queretaro, Mex.
* Position: Commercial & Project Manager. 1995 to 2001.
Company dedicated to the integration and logistics of the development of material handling systems.

- National Marketing Development.

- National Customer services.

- USA-Mexico Partnership Development.

- Logistics Study on production and distribution in the Plant.

- Project Management in turn key projects.

- Development of Project Control.

- Manpower Supervisor (10-50 Workers)
- Assembly and Disassembly of equipment.

2. Company name: PICCSA. Queretaro, Mex.

* Position: Projects & Manager Assistant. 1992 to 1995.
Company dedicated to the production of cereal.


- Project Meetings Support (Advance Report.)

- Project Programmer.

- Project Control of Engineering and Construction.

- Sanity and Safety procedures Coordination and Control.

- New equipment Manufacture Control (Marmites, Shuts, Conveyors, Platforms, etc.)

- Construction Vendors Coordinator.

3. Company name: CONDUMEX. Aguascalientes, Mex.
* Position: Projects & Regional Manager. 1989 to 1991.
Company dedicated to installation of telecommunication network.

- Regional Manager.

- Start up of Company in a new State.

- Main Projects Management.

- Manpower coordinator (80-100 Co-workers)

- Telecommunication Network Construction (Civil work and cable installation of telecommunication)

4. Company name: TURBORREACTORES. Queretaro, Mex.
* Position: Engineering Projects. 1983 to 1989.

Company dedicated to repair of Commercial Aircraft Motors.


- Start up new Branch Company from Mexico in Dallas, Tx. ( 6 Months)

- New Projects Development (Resources from Miami, Fl., Dallas, Tx., Tulsa Ok., San Antonio, Tx.)

- New Projects Development to Spare parts repair.

- Field Support to Assembly and Disassembly of Aircraft Engine.

- Process Sheets Planner.

- Tools and Fixture Design to Spare parts repair.

5. Company name: LAN-CLARK. Queretaro, Mex.
* Position: Manufacture Planner Engineer. 1982 to 1983.
Company dedicated to manufacture of compression equipment to natural gas and petroleum.


- Manufacture Process Sheets.

- Manufacture Supervisor (20 Co-workers)

6. Company name: TREMEC. Queretaro, Mex.
* Position: Prototype Manufacturing Mechanic. 1977 to 1982.
Company dedicated to manufacture of automotive gearboxes (transmission).


- Machines and Special Tools Operator / Level 1"A".

Special Skills:

- Bilingual: English and Spanish Languages .

- Computer skills.

- Project Management.
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Project Management