Stuart Clarke

Freelance Article Writer & Content Writer

Location:Boston, United Kingdom
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Sitcom writer, blog writer, reviewer, and winner of the best award ever:- '1st place Singer for under 4 at Mersey Campsite.'

As well as writing sitcoms with the BBC, stand up material for new up-coming comedians, Stuart is is the writer of the blog The World As It Is To Me. Based over a year of his life it details his life from all the small things to all the big things. The blog gained over 10,000 readers and followers. They got to read about the time he winked at a doctor, head butted a seventeen year old girl, lied to a man in a wheelchair hew had cancer, and insulted a woman whose spine was damaged because of a drunk driver. It was, sadly, all true.

But, deep down...really deep...he is an okay guy.
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