Justin McGahee

Freelance Flyer Designer & Album Designer

Location:Melbourne, Florida, United States
2 Skills
Hi! I am 29 years old with several years experience in the art/design development process. I been through many different seminars and classes pertaining to design and art. I also went to college for Graphic Design. I have a real broad understanding of visual communication and its requirements to express them properly and proficiently. I pride myself as a Freelance Designer with the upmost quality and direction your project(s) need. I have a quick turn around time in my work. I wear hearing aids and have always learned visually to compensate for my hearing loss. I have a deep passion for my line of work and strive to continue progressing and building on a solid foundation in this field. I would love to design your next project! i do not do HTML coding, just JPEG, PDF, GIF, TIFF ect... I do t-shirt design, logo/brand design & development, sticker/poster design, CD/DVD cover design, flyers, abstract backrounds, and digital product displays ( like t-shirt in front of cool backround so people can see the product blasted via Social Media outlets.)
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Flyer Design
Album Design