Nicholas Dixon

Freelance Speech Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Oakland, California, United States
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I became a writer as soon as I was able to get my hands on a pen and piece of paper. Throughout high school I found myself finishing essays in twenty minutes with no prior planning and receiving better marks then my peers. I currently attend UC Merced which is located in the central valley of California. At the University I am a member of a spoken word poetry club as well as working on various free lance projects for others. However I feel that my writing ability is still in it's "raw" phase if you will. I am competent of taking criticism and applying it to my works and have a hunger to learn and gain experience from someone who has already walked a similar path to the one I would like to take. I have worked for a grocery company for four years and have knowledge of proper workplace mannerisms. However, as I stated earlier, I feel as if you are providing the perfect chance for me and am very interested in pursuing it.

I would be willing to work for 7.00 dollars an hour

Thank you for your time

Nick Dixon
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Speech Writing
Creative Writing