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Location:Schenectady, New York, United States
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I'm Robert,42 y/o and I am an artist,cartoonist,and poet in which I only draw what I like due to what I see and think it should look like or sound like. I do not copy other people's work and still learning about how to draw certain things which I have never done. Never went to college nor an art school but I do have a talent for what I like to see if I were looking at it in a art museum.
Anyway I would like to show my talent to others in which I get to meet interesting people on here and possibly learn some things from them as well.

I am new here as a free member and not a paid one plus I can not apply to any jobs either, even if I am interested in them. So if you do hire me for a job then please leave a message for me in my inbox on here with your email or text number and I will contact you as soon as I can to go over details based on the job you would be asking for. My number is on here and only accept text messages.
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