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Bradley Foerster

Freelance Comic Artist & Drawer

Location:Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
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I am currently 18 and attending a community college working on completing an Associates of Arts degree and plan to transfer to an art school after completion. I am currently looking for work so as to raise money for college and to acquire a place of my own. I have had many art classes throughout my high school years and am working constantly on honing my skills as an artist. I have yet to have real experience with an artistic job as I have found there aren't many open in town. This is my main reason for creating an account on this website.

I have worked with a variety of mediums with my strongest being rudimentary pencil and paper. I have recently shown an interest in digital art and have begun to work with a pen and tablet using Photoshop as my program. I will admit to still needing a lot of practice with my technique, but this works as another reason to seek work on this website. If amateur illustration work doesn't undermine my chance of being hired, please contact me. I am looking to learn through work and improve whenever I can.
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Comic Art