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Location:Reno, Nevada, United States
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Skills: Proficient in Flash and Photoshop, traditional, hand-drawn animation and a working knowledge of After Effects and Illustrator (with asset creation-level knowledge in 3D Max). I have played the role of art director, animation and story director, supervisor animator, lead concept artist, vocal coach, mentor, teacher and public speaker.

Powerhouse Animation (Feb ‘10 - current) – Supervising animator on multiple projects including Disney Interactive/Junction Point’s ‘Epic Mickey’. Concept designer/ team animation lead .
Jib-Jab (Oct ‘09 - Nov ‘09) – Lead concept creator and animator for online Christmas card project.
Zynga Online (Nov ‘08 - Jan ‘10) – Lead illustrator on YoVille, FishVille, FarmVille and Rollercoaster Kingdom, creating characters, props and backgrounds. Also supplied images for Treasureville, Mafia Wars and Vampire.
4Kids (July ’08 - Dec ’08) – Visual Director of cartoon series ‘Rocket Monkeys’, which involved managing the storyboards and animation production teams, overseeing backgrounds, character and prop design, maintaining design integrity, sequence coordinator and quality control.
Parent:wise Magazine (June ‘07 - current) – Featured illustrator for Austin-based monthly magazine. Won ‘Bronze’ in ‘09 for National Parenting Publications’ Illustrator’s Awards.
Texas Fine Arts Academy (Feb ’06 - July ’08) in Cedar Park - teaching both cartooning and fine arts to students ranging from 4-15 years of age.
Sony Entertainment (Jan ‘06) – Concept artist for early development of ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ television series.
Aunty E (Aug ‘05 - Nov ‘05) – Creation of cartoon persona and animated introductions for use in public appearance and videos.
Quarasan (Aug ‘04 - Feb ‘05) - Multiple Illustration assignments for the 'Vocabulary Builder' workbooks as well as for other supplemental material and booklets.
Steck-Vaughn (Mar ’03 - Oct ’05) - Head illustrator on 'Head of the Class' workbook series for grades Kindergarten through Fourth Concept and Design on signature Steck-Vaughn mascot characters for the 'School Supply' Series Various illustrations for other workbooks, fliers, mailers and seasonal material.
Middleware ( Jan ‘02 - Jan ‘03) - Designer for 'The Server Side', a weekly comic hosted on Middleware’s business homepage.
Disney Television ( Nov ‘01-Dec’01 ) - Supervising Animator on pilot episode of Disney Television animated series 'The Proud Family'. Responsibilities involved layout, key animation, quality control and sequence/scene timing.
Zippity.Com ( Sep ‘00- Aug ‘01) - Lead animation, design and storyboards for edu-tainment software and accompanying website for children.
Little Wolf Entertainment (Sep ‘96 - Sep ’00 ) Animation on:
Disney's 'Villains’' Revenge' Cd-Rom Interactive Game,
Warner Brothers' - Multiple 'MCI' commercials (domestic & International),
Warner Brothers' - "Rosie O’Donnell’s' Show" interstitials (commercial segues),
Startoons' 'Little Dogs on the Prairie' Direct-to-video Christian Series
Mattels' 'Rockett's Camp Adventure' Cd-Rom Interactive Game
Mattel's Barbie's 'Sleeping Beauty' Cd-Rom Interactive Game
C.E.C (Chuck E. Cheese) Entertainment In-house animation
PSA for Texas Fire Ant Prevention
Assistant Animation on:
Fox Feature's film 'Anastasia'
Calabash's television commercials for 'Trix' and 'Lucky Charms' cereals
D.N.A.s' Weird Al Yankovic's 'Adventures of Fat Man' television series
Southwest Airlines Client PSAs
Storyboard work on:
Nickelodeon's 'Hey Arnold' television series

Human Code - (Sep ‘97 - Dec ‘97) - Lead animation and character/concept design on Knowledge Adventure's 6th Grade 'Jump Start' title as well as concept artist for Knowledge Adventures' 4th Grade 'Jump Start' title.

Go-Go Studio - ( Sep ‘96 - May ‘97) - Concept, character and vehicle development, storyboards and character animation (both 2d and 3d) with 3D Max.
Heart of Texas Productions (Aug ‘94 - May ‘96) - Responsibilities on production filming, sound-mixing, key cleanup and Assistant animation on ‘Francesco’s Friendly World’ direct-to-video children’s series, various commercials for clients such as Texas Propane Commission, TxDOT ’Buckle Up for Safety’, and for the first International airport in Guam.
Other clients include: Texas Wind Power Commission (Storyboards), Shannon Wheeler – ‘Too Much Coffee Man’ (Animation) Fort Worth Zoo (Mascot design, storyboards and park feature concept work) and Musicmakers (Product and marketing design).


Graduate of Sheridan College – Bachelor’s in Classical Animation Program
(96' - 99') (Excellent Standing)
Advertising Design - Vocational Class - Junior Year of High School,
(Portfolio-only based ad class taken off campus throughout term - 91' - 92')
Twelve Years of art (in and out of school)
Eleven Years of Theater
Three years of Music Theory

About Me

I have multiple experiences managing groups, working under concrete deadlines and fulfilling all expectancies without having to compromise the quality of the work produced or losing team morale .
Everything that I have worked on, I have enjoyed, learned from and feel proud to have been a part of. I have a strong urge to gravitate towards projects with heart and I approach them with that sense of sincerity. Giving characters an honest reason to be, actions a perfect place and stories the ability to captivate are the things I strive for.
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