Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Poster Designer

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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I am 22 years old living in Australia looking for work.
I have been drawing all my life and I have recently completed two years in my BAA (Bachelors of Applied Arts), where I was taught the many techniques used in Printmaking, Screenprinting, Etching and Photo-Emulsion. Also I have experiance in using Adobe Photoshop and Illistrator.
I ahve recently been appying for apprenticeships in the Tattooing industry and also in Commercial Art where I would like to create large pieces or work for companies and or solo representatives.
My main goal in life is to open my own company in Printmaking for clothing designs and pretty much all aspects that I can apply my talent to.

You can view some of my artwork at;
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T-Shirt Design
Poster Design