William Mercier

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Location:Augusta, Maine, United States
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I recently graduated from Ottawa University, KS, on line student with a major in English. I began my schooling at Ottawa University on September 19598. My junior and senior year was interrupted by the military draft. War, expatriotism, and marriage with a young child left me in South East Asia until 1969 for the United States Army. As a family we returned to the United States and detoured my education until we finally returned to Maine. Using the GI Bill to continue my education, I went to Barbering /Cosmetology School. Every certificate available to my vocation, I pursued and gained more attention and respect. I spent 42 years in the beauty business, although I regretted never "finishing what I started" in Kansas. The Bachelors of Arts is an accomplishment I feel quite proud of completing. Despite traveling the United States, I agreed to edit my daughters submissions for her Masters in Education which took a little more than eighteen months. I learned and knew right from the beginning that editing required me to grammatically look at each sentence, check punctuation, and never change her words. However, Roget's Thyesaurus was instrumental in saying the same thing with more sophistication. When she graduated with a 3.95, she said that the 5 points were from her mother's editing her first paper. I told her that it was a delight to do, using Fedex to send and receive her submission and returned edits, felt what it must feel to have earned that degree.
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