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Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Editor/Proofreader/Technical Translator with more than 30 years of translation and interpreting activities in the field of DTP, technical manuals, software, computer applications (including hardware), international development, tourism, educational studies, history, philosophy, personal documents, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, building and construction, metallurgy, mining, industrial engineering, nontraditional medicine, physics

Technical Writer with more than 8 years in the writing field. Experienced in writing, reviewing, and editing data sheets, online help, user manuals, test procedures, training guides, and process documentation. Possesses a good understanding of good writing and editing practices for various industries, such as wireless telecommunications, Internet learning, web development, retail, and oil and gas industry.

Software Application Skills

SDL Trados, Transit, Access, MS Office Suite 2003, 2007 and 2010 (FrontPage, Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, PhotoDraw, Visio, PowerPoint and Publisher), MS Visual SafeSource, RoboHelp, FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, FreeHand, Illustrator, PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop, HTML, CSS, XML

Language pairs: En<>Ru En<>Ge Ge<>Ru

Professional Experience

Technical Translator March 2013
ABC Language Solutions
• Translated the following three legal documents from English into Russian
o Loan Agreement
o Issuer Acknowledgement
o Pledge Agreement

Technical Translator February – March 2013
Verbatim Solutions
• Technical writing/translating documents (German to English / English to German)
o Quality Management Handbook
o Adobe Acrobat XI new Features review
o Proposed letter of request for a deposition in a foreign country
o Contractor’s notice of taking the deposition of the 3rd party and request for production of documents
o Conference Report on Hemophilia and Prophylaxis
o Pathology and Cytology (medical expert opinion)

Technical Translator February 2012 – February 2013
Alpha – Omega Translations
• Translated the following documents from English into Russian
o Open Budget Survey 2012 Report
o Countries that dropped their indices Template
o High Scoring Countries Template
o Improving Countries Template
o Low Scoring Countries Template
o Final Embargoed OBS 2012 press release
o Safety precautions with Racks and Platforms for Cars and Tanks uploading

Technical Translator November 2010 – January 2013
Martin Lleonsi Translation Services
• Translated the following documents from English into Russian
o Medical forms, consent and refusal
o One Warranty Solution (Ford Website)

Editor/Proofreader/Technical Translator March 2011 – December 2012
Enterprises Ulysse
• Translating/editing business documentation on the Agency of Housing Mortgage Lending (English to Russian/English to Russian)
o Memorandums of Understanding between CMHC and Ministry of Regional Development of RF
o Preliminary plans of Implementation of the Memorandum between Russian Housing Development Foundation and CMHC (Canada)
o Presentations/Agendas for the Construction Working Group at the Intergovernmental Economic Comission
o Intergovernmental Economic Commission Talking Points
o Russian Ministry of Regional Development Cover Points

IT Localization/Technical Translator August 2010 – October 2010
Green Translations
• Language localization of GE Power instructions (Cimplicity Extensions to Basics) using SDL – Trados program
• Proofread thoroughly translation before delivery, respecting grammar and vocabulary

Proofreader/Technical Translator June 2009 – August 2009
Snubco International
• Russification of Snubco machinery 3D visualization with advanced simulation technology using WMV editor on the premise of Dynamic Vision, NAIT, Edmonton
• Translated Power Point presentations and Snubco web site from English to Russian

Technical Writer March 2008 – November 2008
GE – Fanuc Intellectual Platforms
• Converted existing training materials to adhere to the new template.
• Proofread and updated the online Software Systems Manual and Help Manuals (RoboHelp)
• Rebranded 7x Drivers WinHelp projects (RoboHelp, MS Help Workshop)
• Analyzed and built charts for translated callouts (Excel, DOS)
• Rewrote a PID project into the descriptive manual (RoboHelp)
• Reviewed and updated several Cimplicity documents
• Work directly with software developers, product management, quality assurance, trainers, Subject Matter Experts and support personnel to translate complicated technical concepts into understandable content
• Introduced changes in HTML code

Applied Communications in Professional Writing January 2003 – November 2008
Student – MacEwan University
• Created Help contents for user interface with RoboHelp
• Wrote WEB content (created a mock site “Unfinished Chord” with Front Page and GoLive)
• Developed a Software Manual (Friendly I-Tunes)
• Developed a Safety Manual (WHMIS for Edmonton Rotational Molding Plant)
• Wrote HR policies (Employee’s manual for a customer-oriented company)
• Developed RFP, proposals, news releases, and annual report
• Wrote Children’s Road Safety (Instructional Booklet)

Academic Upgrading July 2002 – December 2002
NorQuest College
• English 30, Physics 30, Math 20, Biology 30, Chemistry 20, Computer 20

Language Art/Science Teacher May 1999 – June 2002
General Education High-School #2
• Taught English 10, 30 and German 10, 20, 30
• Taught Introduction into Science

Editor/Graphic Designer January 1995 – May 1999
Express Kurier GmbH

• Coached new translators in CAT programs and ISO norms
• Proofread and edited translations
• Designed and wrote content for a monthly issued mail-order book catalogue

News Editor February 1994 – January 1995
TV channel Simon
• Collected and edited news from regions
• Translated international news into Russian

Documentation Developer February 1993 – February 1994
Commercial Warehouse Kiyevsky Ltd.
• Wrote RFPs and specifications
• Developed provisions of sales contracts in English and Hungarian
• Prepared technical justification and business plans
• Composed and maintained documentations for customs office

Senior Technical Translator January 1989 – February 1993
Institute for Basic Chemistry
• Translated articles related to soda industry from the magazine Chemistry and Life
• Assisted in developing manual on soda equipment on hand of German documentation

Training Documentation Developer November 1987 – December 1989
State Committee on Technical Assistance
• Developed Textbook for Students of Mining (Escola Industrial de Matundo)
• Compiled Safety Instructions
• Designed Practice Book of Coal Mining, handouts, and test materials
• Hold exercises and group activities

Engineer for Technical Documentation Development July 1981 – November 1987
Bicycle R&D Centre
• Wrote technical reviews of new trends in bicycle industry worldwide for national bicycle plants and Ministry of Automotive Industry
• Wrote analytical and summarizing articles on marketing strategy of leading bicycle companies
• Wrote evaluations and comparative analysis of national bicycles with the best analogues from leading countries
• Developed proposals on manufacturing expediency of new bicycles

Professional Development and Education

Alberta Teacher Certification 2010 - 2011
Introduction to Computer-Based Instruction
Athabasca University, Edmonton, AB
General Insurance (Provincial Exam Level 2) 2009
McBride Training Group, Edmonton, AB
Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional 2008
(majoring in Technical Writing)
MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB

DTP training 1999
Book Trading and Translation Company
Express Kurier GmbH
Free Zone Cheb, Czech Republic

Management Diploma 1993
International US Institute for Humanization
and Development of Education
Kharkov, Ukraine

Bachelor of Translation 1979
State University - Foreign Languages Department
Kharkov, Ukraine
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