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Tim Vandehey

Freelance Ghostwriter & Biography Writer

Location:Kansas City, Missouri, United States
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I'm a ghostwriter. Since 2004 I've been helping other people write their nonfiction books to bolster their brand, share their story or just fulfill a lifelong dream. In that time I've worked with world-class athletes, entrepreneurs, Pentecostal bishops, Nobel laureates, Hollywood producers, TV legends, doctors, financial planners and more to create the perfect book to help them reach their audiences. I've written more than 45 books and had 15 of them published with major New York publishers.
For my work, I've trekked into Yellowstone to the site of a grizzly attack, crewed endurance athletes on a five-day, five-Ironman odyssey, learned about everything from psychology to how skincare products are formulated, and met some of the most incredible people in this world. I'm a lucky man, because I love what I do and get to make a difference in people's lives. I can't imagine anything better.
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Biography Writing