Carissa Sampsell

Freelance Graphic Designer & Digital Artist

Location:Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, United States
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Hello there! I am a creative girl whose mind always overflows with ideas! I have a certificate from a technical school called SUN Tech which I took my senior year of high school. There I was immersed in the world of graphic design and was taught a lot of skills that would take me places. My year book design was used for the final product for the year book. I have also had two years of college.

I have been drawing since I was very young. I use Photoshop and Paint tool SAI for my digital art and Copic markers and Prisma color pencils for traditional. I am very into anime/manga style art, however I am trying to get a mixture Eastern and Western feel on my art as well. I love concept and character sketching. I also love painting scenes in stories!

Art is my absolute passion and I love creating art for people that they love.

I also edit and make videos on occasion and have been doing so since 2006. Photography is another fondness of mine and I've been immersed in both digital and film. With film I learned to take and develop the pictures.
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Graphic Design
Digital Art