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Tyler Chan

Freelance Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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I have learned to be an extremely adaptable person. I am happy to do, and will do my best to, take on a variety of responsibilities in the visual/design industry, including as a storyboarder, animator, scriptwriter, graphic design, and so on.
I am experienced with many 2D animation software, and my proficient fundamental skills in animation allows me to quickly pick up many more new software I happen to come across.
I’m extremely focused, punctual, and I always strive to better my skills. Above all, I am patient; I will spend one month on one second of animation if I have to. Recently, I have finished my short film (2 minutes and 30 seconds long), which I had submitted as my thesis last year. I am currently working on another film. Musiah, an educational software I worked on, is in public beta as of this writing. (
Skills and Experience
• Experimental; does not favour any ‘style’; will try anything with enthusiasm
• Flexible; will draw as painstakingly or as quickly as you like
• Quiet but friendly and approachable; prepared to give advice should others require it
• Keeps open mind; appreciates constructive criticism
• Calm under pressure; creative problem-solving skills
Proficient in software:
• Adobe Flash • Adobe Photoshop • Toon Boom Animate Pro • Adobe After Effects • GraphicsGale
• Corel Painter • TVP Animation
Skilled in a variety of animation techniques:
• 2D traditional animation • 2D puppet animation • Stop motion (plasticine and sand)
Please see my portfolio: Links to more examples are included.
Compiled portfolio by email or on DVD or other formats available on request.
Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane QLD
Bachelor of Animation with Honours, First Class Dec 2010
• Grade Point Average: 6.000

Work Experience
Short film:
A Failure to Communicate* Feb 2010 – Oct2011
• Writer • Director • Producer • Character Designer • Storyboards • Backgrounds • Layout • Animator
• Used Toon Boom Animate Pro and Corel Painter
Documentary feature:
My America (directed by Peter Hegedus; premiered in Sydney Film Festival) Mar - May 2010
• Worked as an intern on animated scenes; puppet animation in After Effects
• Long distance correspondence – i.e. using Skype and Google Docs (Australia to Hungary)
Short film:
Snarg (directed by Ian Browning) July - Nov 2009
• Character Designer • Animator
• Used Adobe Flash
Speedwell (Manager: Chad Renando) March 2012
Worked on advertising suited for iPhones.
• Animator • Used Adobe Flash
Eminent Music Resources (Director: Brendan Hogan) May 2011 – July 2011
Worked on ‘Musiah’, an educational program.
• Character Designer • Backgrounds • Layout • Animator
• Used Adobe Flash and Photoshop
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Digital Art