Morekong Moua

Freelance Anime Artist & Manga Artist

Location:Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
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I'm a Manga/Anime artist for almost 1 year and I'm still practicing. I started drawing off with stickman when I first was in 4th grade. I changed my art style overtime after entering middle school. As soon as I hit high school, I was completely into anime art. Friends and Family inspired me to change, to change how I view my art and I'm glad they were there to support me. But most of all, I was inspired by Mark Crilley. He showed me these tutorials on how to become a manga/anime artist by making these "How to Draw" videos on YouTube. I was amazed with his work and dreamed of making a drawing like his. I'm glad he posted his "How to Draw" video on YouTube, it really helped me a lot. Thank you!
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Anime Art
Manga Art