Robert Taylor, Jr.

Freelance Animator & Flash Designer

Location:North Easton, Massachusetts, United States
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Robert Taylor, Jr. is a Boston based producer, writer and content creator. Adam Taylor (a Boston area native) is a Los Angeles based illustrator, animator, designer and content creator with an extensive resume of animation and live action producer, director and editing credits.

Robert and Adam specialize in the creation and development of imaginative animated and live action concepts, characters and stories for use in television, film, commercials, music videos, publishing, branding, the Internet and other multi-media venues. They have produced, directed and created numerous projects for MGM Studios, Disney, EMI/Virgin, VH-1, MTV, CBS, Hasbro, E-Entertainment, National Geographic Kids, MGA Entertainment, Stan Lee, Banzai, Little Tykes, Imperial Toy, Toys R Us and Elevate Films. They have worked on numerous productions such as Pink Panther, Baby Pink Panther & Pals, Bratz, Swampy, Where's my Water, Stargate Infinity, Bulletproof Monk, MTV’s Making the Video, featuring Christina Aguilara's "Candyman" music video and the recently released Pink Panther Penthouse Party music video featuring Henry Mancini’s Grammy Award winning Pink Panther theme song. In addition, the Taylors recently completed the pilot script for their animated comedy TV series titled: "The Know Nuttens.” The Taylors sold their "Loco Starbun" children’s concept for broadcast rights to National Geographic Kids.

On the publishing side, Adam and Robert have collaborated with International best selling author Joseph Nassise on their fantasy-adventure series concept, "Windstar, the Hidden Protector." The Taylors also partnered with author T. M. Murphy to publish, through Leapfrog Press the children’s fantasy/adventure book, "Saving Santa's Seals." Two new Taylor penned children’s book projects: “Webster’s World of Wonderment” and “Spells and Mumbles – Witches and Jumbles” are scheduled for traditional and e-book publishing in 2013, both have pilot scripts completed on the film side as well.
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