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I tend to say things I shouldn't always say. I love passionately, I have learned to live for the moment, but sometimes doesnt always work that way. I am my own worst enemy, I sometimes (alot) of times over think and over talk things. When things in my life are broken I sometimes work to hard to fix them, when I guess maybe I should just walk away. I listen to the words of songs closely and look for the meaning. I am very open minded, and I like to listen to people. I want to believe I will find my forever, my person, but sometimes think they arent out there. I believe that everything happens for a reason no matter if we understand it or not. I believe people come into our lives at the right moment for whatever reason and when they leave it leaves a lasting impression in our hearts and if it doesn't then you didn't need them in your life and that it was just a chance meeting. I have learned to love life again and it's amazing. I love my kids, they are my heart and soul. They are what have kept me going. They are amazing. My daughter is 22 and my son is 19 !!Love You Guys!! I have a Beautiful grandson and 2 beautiful great- nieces,who are my world.
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Document Design