Lucius Dennis Jr

Freelance Music Producer & Narrator

Location:Leesburg, Georgia, United States
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Lucius Dennis

Accomplished music producer and engineer with over fifteen years of experience. Successful with musical placements and creating consistent licensing revenue in various markets worldwide. Highly intelligent and creative with excellent interpersonal and team management skills. A self-starter and a quick learner with hands on knowledge with various types of work.

Entertainment Industry Experience

* Freelance Music Producer / Voice Over Artist Atlanta, GA 1992-2013:

Work with many different artists and companies to write lyrics, compose, record, arrange, produce and perform on various products for commercial usage. Scout for talent to perform on various types of projects for different companies.

* Independent Music Composer, Rumblefish Inc. Atlanta, GA 2007-2013:

Designed original musical arrangements for licensing use in commercial and Internet marketing. Researched different musical genres and musical trends for viral marketing campaigns. Utilize research to compose musical pieces while a trend is popular.

* Independent Music Composer, Getty Images Inc. Atlanta, GA 2008-2013:

Design original musical arrangements for licensing use in various television programming and ad campaigns worldwide. Structure catchy and memorable jingles, brand melodies and theme songs for new TV shows.

* Head Engineer, The Laboratory Recording Studio Smyrna, GA 1997-2006:

In charge of production studio staff. Responsible for booking sessions and appointments. Operated recording and production equipment on behalf of clients. Responsible for marketing, advertising, street campaigns and walk in traffic. Trained new employees. Oversaw studio maintenance, repairs, equipment purchases, and upgrades.

Additional Professional Experience

* Sales Associate, Sam Ash Music, Atlanta Georgia Atlanta, GA 2006-2008:

Responsibilities included: technology equipment sales, merchandising, display design and floor management, customer services, technical advice, and support. Also attended specialized training sessions for various types of cutting edge equipment.

* Grocery Stock Crew Assistant Manager, Kroger Co. Marietta, GA 2004-2006:

Responsibilities included: crew leadership, inventory management, product ordering and receiving, general merchandising, display design, truck loading/unloading, and general warehouse management.


Well skilled with computers, office equipment, and electronic devices. Possesses creative problem solving skills. Lucius is very charismatic and good with people. Good at following detailed instructions as well as leading and instructing others.


Microsoft Office, Apple Pages, Apple OS All Versions, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Logic Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, Native Instruments, Final Cut Pro

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