Gregory MacKay

Freelance Database Programmer & Website Programmer

Location:Bozeman, Montana, United States
Phone: 406-522-0303
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I am a Senior Software Developer, Instructor and Author with a wealth of experience in .Net and database technologies. I have:
• developed .Net applications in both C# and VB.Net since the first .Net beta, creating both Windows desktop-based and Web-based applications for clients over the last 10 years.
• vast experience as an application architect, having planned and implemented systems from mainframes all the way through individual desktop applications, enterprise web applications to distributed systems in the Cloud
• planned, coded and deployed all aspects of multi-tier applications, both in.Net and in VB6 COM and classic ASP applications.
• developed user-friendly and efficient AJAX-enabled front-ends for Web applications, including slicing Photoshop graphics, and hand-coding XHTML and CSS.
• created developer-friendly and efficient middle tiers using VB.Net, C# and VB6
• designed and programmed high performance databases and database applications all the way from mainframe to XBase to Access to SQL Server and MySQL. This includes not only creating the data model and stored procedures, functions, etc where available, but also using the most efficient data access techniques, choosing the best data objects for the job, and using industry recognized best practices.
• integrated applications with multiple third party libraries and API’s
• advocated and developed with rapid application methodologies and tools including using data modeling, ORM and code generation tools when appropriate.

I am both a team player and someone who is very capable thinking on my feet, on my own and representing myself and my clients with professionalism. I have:
• authored CBTs, Microsoft Certification Exam questions for ASP.Net and ADO.Net, and both instructor-led and online courseware covering VB, Access, ASP and ADO.
• taught thousands of Fortune 500 and government developers for Learning Tree International, one of the largest IT training companies in the world.
• continually been described by my students as the best instructor they’ve ever had, so I am also comfortable doing end-user training and developer mentoring.
• dealt directly with all sorts of clients, both from teaching their employees to handling all sorts of issues that come up when onsite.
• equal facility traveling to client sites (1.4 million miles with Delta) and also working remotely.

Most recently, I have worked extensively with:
• XML and web services (both SOAP-based and XML over HTTP) to build both internet-facing and internal web sites, as well as re-architecting an applicant tracking system.
• serializing and de-serializing XML and building .Net APIs and dashboards displaying complex data, mined from disparate data sources, interacting with SQL Server, Access and MySQL databases.
• several telecommute projects, utilizing remote desktop, VPN, SubVersion, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, SQL Server 2008, MS Access, MS Ajax Toolkit, DevExpress, Essential Objects, Telerik, E-commerce, Visual Studio 2008 and 2010.

I look forward to having the opportunity to provide you with well designed and executed solutions. Please note that when you hire me, you're getting more than a just a great developer. You're also getting a systems architect, a team lead, a mentor, a visionary, a great communicator and an all around nice guy!


Gregory MacKay