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Caroline Zina

Freelance Book Illustrator, Drawer, & More

Location:IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, United States
Phone: (208)789-5422
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Art is my passion in life. I love to create using a wide variety of styles and mediums.

As a child the illustrations in Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events fascinated and inspired me to want to become an illustrator myself. I would look through my brother's gaming magazines, and draw copies of the pictures I liked. Then I discovered the charming style of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. From his rich surreal landscapes, to his rendering of highly individualistic characters, Miyazaki embodies everything that I strive for in my own artwork.

I employ a wide range of art styles, and am always excited to try something new. I can draw, paint, illustrate, and create digital art—I can do just about anything, except fly and lose weight.

Much of my passion for creating comes from my love of story making. I enjoy writing just as much as drawing. Whenever I draw a picture of a person or a place, people will often ask me who or where the picture is of. I can make anything come to life with the stroke of a brush or the sketch of a pencil, pen, or marker. I am the artist for you :)