Monteze Minor

Freelance Audio Editor & Audio Producer

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
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Career Objective
Highly skilled Electronic Engineering Professional with over ten years experience in the telecommunications industry seeking to demonstrate technical knowledge and engineering skills, professionalism, as well as leadership to make positive contributions to the success of the company.

Summary of Qualifications
•Experience developing and executing test plans
•Design, implement test computer software applications or systems.
•Experience in designing and testing RF and 802.11(a/b/g/n) products
•Strong understanding of the principles of hardware design and electrical systems integration.
•Strong foundation in quality assurance, testing automation and methodologies.
•Strong problem solving, communication both written and verbal and interpersonal skills
•Design experience with USB, Bluetooth, 802.11
•Digital Design and Test experience
•Software / Hardware system integration
•Schematic Design applications using OrCAD, Microcap, and Cadence Simulation design tools.
• Application and knowledge of Assembly Language, Matlab, and Visual Basic programming languages.

Languages/Software Skills
C/C++ Microsoft Word/Excel Applications
OrCAD Microsoft Access
Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller
Embedded Microprocessor System Design
FPGA chip design burn in code Microsoft Intermediate Excel Spreadsheet
Microsoft XP, Windows 2000, 2003
Microcap Simulation tools Labview

Professional Work Experience
Electronic Associate
HDTV Guyz January2012-Present
•Testing various high definition TV for audio signal and video image on Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, 60”, 55”,40”,32” etc
•Clean and package products for shipment.
•Assist customers with loading sets into their vehicles.
•Maintain a clean and professional environment, other duties as necessary.
Lab Technician
Broadcom (Two Roads Prof. Resources, Inc. Contract assignment) June 2005- Nov 2010
•Tested 3368QAM Link Controller chips, verifying results.
•Performed calibration testing on cable modem set box tops.
•Conducted system level test using Broadcom DOCSIS test executive.
•Loaded updated software revisions.
•Executed test condition of products by testing USB, RF, Ethernet components, troubleshooting, and debugging signal activity,verifying results.
•Utilized Agilent 89441A Vector Signal Analyzer
•Analyzed Ixia 1600 Traffic Generator Performance Analyzer
•Executed 802.11bTCP/ IP testing on wireless gateway modems and VoIP Testing procedures.

Hardware Verification Test Engineer Panasonic-Wireless (Aerotek Contract Engineering) Sept 2004-Sept 2004 •Conducted cellular phone product testing, utilized test fixture to perform this process at the workbench station. •Applied RF Engineering testing principals from a system level approach
•Conducted system level test application on CDMA cellular phones products
•Applied Bluetooth testing and application on cellular phone products.
•Utilized Lab view software application.

Control Engineer
Integrity Engineering Nov 2002-April 2003
•Programmed code signals for water control tower module units.
•Used Microsoft Excel software program to input code.
•Utilized wonder ware graphics applications and intellution software to reference actual signal flow process.
•Implemented Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI).

Sound Technician
Sound of Authority Aug 1999- Sept 2002
•Set up live audio sound equipment in concert halls, theaters, and churches at various venues.
•Monitored equipment while being used during live performances
•Worked with set up of (mixers, equalizers, amplifiers, consoles, and monitor speakers).
• Microphone staging techniques, on drums, electric, and acoustic guitars keyboards etc.
• Operate Mackie 16-channel console mixing board.
•Playback, Pro Tools, Utilized Sound Wav editor software

Electronics Associate III
3Com/US Robotics Oct 1995- Aug 1999
• Performed final test repair on Robo Shuttle high-speed analog and digital modem cards.
•Constructed product validation and test procedures.
•Troubleshot,debug all boards down to component level.
•Placed and routed Altera and Xilinx FPGA chipsets on surface mount modem products.
•Operated ATE Equipment ICT/MDA test bench development and repair on high-speed analog mixed signal boards.
•Tested and repaired ISDN's, ADSL's, DSL's modems, Cisco Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NIC) and products all of which are high speed data communication transferring rates of 56K.
•Repaired and tested NMC/Gateway Application cards used test fixtures to perform the test. Flash Memory and testing included EEPROM.
•Programmed UNIX scripts on various test fixture workstations.
•Used Windows 95/98/and Windows NT on test bench to correct defective modem products.
•Operated electronic testing equipment such as: oscilloscopes, multimeters, function generators and, soldering irons, tools etc. to complete all board level repairs. Used company schematics to aid with repair.
Successfully completed Solder I certification with reference to Surface Mount Technology (SMT).
•Interacted with other departments as part of cross functioning efforts to ensure products met company standards and quality/quantity results were accurate.

Electronic Assembly Technician
Motorola June 1993- May 1995
•Performed test verification, repair, and troubleshot, products to meet companies/customers satisfaction and requirements.
•Built several products from a prototype subassembly.
•Prepared parts for assembly, assembled cable setup, and operated lug machine (included as parts cable).
•Routed cables for company's network activity throughout the manufacturing departments.

Columbia College Chicago, IL
Sound Engineering Program June 1996

DeVry University Addison, IL
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology June 1995

ITT Career Training Certification Indpls, IN
Electronic Office Machine Repairer Technology January 1987
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