Haze Herrera

Freelance Article Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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I am 37 years old and a factory worker. I do not have a blog. I have never written professionally. I do not have any references. I do not have any samples of my work because I have never worked……Well, in freelance writing that is.
What I do have is a desire to be the best freelance writer in the business. I am willing to work for free in exchange for recognition of my work and experience.
• Bilingual
• Can read, write, and translate from Spanish to English and English to Spanish
• Can write speeches
• Can research and consolidate information
• Task oriented
• Deadline driven
• 100% dedication to quality
• Fashion
• Men’s beauty products
• Men’s lifestyle products
• Entrepreneurship and the process of starting a business
• Leadership development
I am an enthusiastic follower of my interests online. The following are some examples of my favorite websites:
complex.com theselvedgeyard.com
hypebeast.com mrporter.com
acontinuouslean.com thecoveteur.com
uncrate.com gq.com
thrillest.com dappered.com
entrepreneur.com ted.com
inc.com wickedstart.com
Every human on this planet likes to feel good. Some feel good because of the clothes they wear. Some feel good because of the house they own or the way the yard looks after it’s been cut and trimmed, others feel good when they drink a good cup of coffee or tea. I like to take a product and figure out what about that product will make people feel good, and then convey that message using my creative writing skills in Spanish and English.
I believe that the quality of a product cannot be denied. I want to work on projects that offer only the best product to their customer.
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Article Writing
Creative Writing