Jill Stefko

Freelance Illustrator & Flyer Designer

Location:Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
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Over 35 years’ editing experience. Began this career while earning BS Psychology, minor, Business. Editor Dolphin Doin’s, Norfolk, Virginia Submarine Officers Wives Club. Responsibilities included editing, writing articles, paste-up and illustrating.

Experienced in Internet and printed media editing, including for profit and nonprofit corporate clients. Promoted from paste-up artist to proofreader and make-up proofreader for compositor’s house. Ensured that final product met all specifications, format and had no errors.

Have extensive experience in creating ads, promotional literature, research papers, flyers, posters and resumes, Used MLA, APA and Chicago literary styles.

Post Graduate Education: LLB Law, PhD Counseling and Masters’ Metaphysics. Certified Mediator, former real estate agent and retired counselor. Considered as expert in psychology, animal behavior and communication and all aspects of the paranormal by peers.

Meet and exceed all goals and deadlines. Able to relate to people at all socioeconomic levels.
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Flyer Design