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Michele J. Nacy, Ph.D.
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March 19, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

With twenty years of higher education teaching, writing and researching experience, I want to use my professional knowledge in a new and diverse field. In academia I was a “teacher”, but that title does not truly describe my experience.
Editor/proof reader: When research projects were completed my job was to edit and proof read each student’s first draft. This included checking grammar, word usage, sentence structure, and the flow of the document. I prided myself in not only editing papers, but also teaching students how to edit their own work. Because of my thoroughness former students often asked me to edit papers for their other classes.
Customer service: A college professor is tasked with teaching, yet each is also expected to make sure that students are satisfied with their academic experiences. To assure student approval teachers are expected to structure their classes so students not only learn, but also enjoy the experience. Student satisfaction is measured through verbal and written feedback and student evaluations at the end of each class. Teachers quickly learn that their job is far more complex than simply sharing/imparting knowledge.
Researcher: As a history teacher my job included directing research projects. Students learned the difference between primary and secondary sources, and the proper form of documentation for their sources. They learned the proper way to find academic and viable sources both in a library and online. Students learned the importance of a peer reviewed article, and a contemporary commercial article. In my own research I had to sift through numerous pieces of ‘historical evidence’ determining the strength of the evidence.
With twenty years of experience in research, editing, proof reading, and customer service, I believe that I will be a perfect applicant for the Freelance-Proofreader position.
My references are available upon request.


Michele Nacy
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