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Location:Washburn, Missouri, United States
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I don't really have a resume that conveys my comedic talents. I'm ridiculously funny, and excel in thinking outside of the box. I thrive in environments where brainstorming in a group for innovative ideas is a must, though surely can work alone when needed. Nothing is over the top for me, and I am rarely offended nor shocked by what most may deem to be in poor taste. If you put ******* on Seth McFarlane, you'd have me. I used to do stage theater until menopause hit, and sadly can no longer remember my lines, but I can still make people laugh, and hate to waste all of this humor. Also. my sugar daddy is more like a sweet 'low lately and I could use the cash. Though I've never written comedy scripts as a vocation, it's's something I'm confident would be a perfect fit for me, and an asset to my employer. Just keep in mind, for a good line, call Joanie.
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Comic Writing