Victor Mercado

Freelance Ad Designer & Brochure Designer

Location:Decatur, Georgia, United States
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I am an artist in various sorts. I've always been a creative illustrator since I was a child, improving my skills in workshops, High School of Art and Design, apprentice for an indie comic book company, and up to recently the Art Institute of New York and Atlanta now. My strengths are in different styles of hand drawing from realistic, comic, abstract, charcoal, black and white and coloring. I am skilled in graphic design which is my major of study. I have some skill in tattooing, but I focus on design and illustration a bit more. I'm capable to do ads, magazine spreads, logos, graphic standards manuals, 3-d packaging, some web work, books, posters, album covers and everything indepth with those genres. I have fluent knowledge of Adobe Suite for media projects. I carry a free spirited mind and I work well with others, as well as know the importance of deadlines, work flow and quality. You can take a look at my online portfolio at
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Ad Design
Brochure Design