Simone Welch

Freelance Copywriter & Creative Writer

Location:Carmel, Indiana, United States
2 Skills
- Editorial/Concept/Promotion

To obtain a part-time or freelance position in a growing and dynamic company.


MINTLUX LUXURY BRAND DEVELOPMENT – Los Angeles/New York/London -(March 2012-February 2013)
International Brand Development for Luxury Goods
Marketing and Development Director
Worked closely with international brands: PR/media, branding, scheduling, copy – press and ads, concept, website development.
Notable Contributions:
• Developed copy and website. Developed all 2012 copy. Prospect development grew 155% in three months.
• Established press, ad and copy for International Fashion Titles such as W, Vogue, Elle, More, Lucky, etc.
• Assisted in the breakout of London-based brands to the United States through outreach, concept, press, advertisement, and online branding.

RAD MARKETING– Los Angeles - (June 2010 – January 20, 2012)
Los Angeles Marketing Firm – Spearheaded Fine and Couture Jewelry Lines
Marketing Department- Freelance Agent (June 2010 – August 2010)
Worked closely with Art and Marketing Directors to facilitate online content development, including copy and design for clients. Assisted in developing parties and events for real estate clients. Negotiated leasing real estate with Hollywood production companies.
Managing Director for CBD Division – (August 2010 – January 2012)
Retail distribution for CBD lines included Barneys, Intermix, Podium Paris, Podium Russia, Maxfields.
Worked closely with ownership, ensuring line(s) from concept to launch. All facets of marketing: sales and ad copy, concept, and website development. Oversaw Brand development: PR, media, and events.
Notable Contributions:
• Directly accountable for marketing and sales. Worked closely with ownership on budgets, strategy, scheduled advertising, distribution, and press for jewelry lines.
• Restructured digital business model to initiate sales online. Working closely with Art Department to implement online store, membership arena and forums, and social media site for jewelry lines and designer.

LIBERTARIS PUBLISHING – Los Angeles/London - (January 2007 – December 2009)
A fast-growing digital and print publisher.
Marketing Director
Worked closely with ownership, taking company from concept to launch. Opened Los Angeles offices and oversaw production, marketing, and development of online modules/sales. Opened London offices within one year; conducted research and marketing implementation for UK. Responsible for all speaking engagements and seminars: Location, press releases, scheduling, speaker travel and payment/negotiation, advertising, seminar enrollment, analysis and reporting.

Notable Contributions:
• Structured digital business model for online sales. Working closely with IT Department to implement online store, membership arena and forums, and social media site for both authors and contract clients.
• Wrote copy for international sales force of 2000. Included copy and design of squeeze pages, website content, brochures and advertisements, full page and classified copy.
• Opened London Offices (November 2007) within one month of ownership decision. Transferred all goods supplied to Europe to the London office, opened UK bank account, hired administration and marketing teams, and oversaw operations while reducing expenses.
• Organized speaking engagements and seminars from 50 people to 500, negotiating with locations, speakers, and event staff. Organized scheduling, travel arrangements, and on-site management. Consistently saved company 15% on cost and overhead.
• Conducted international conference calls for up to 200 attendees. Hosted three international conferences.

BUILDING HORIZONS – Palm Desert, CA (December 2005 – May 2006)
A Boys and Girls Club Division: non-profit organization where high school students learn, in a hands-on atmosphere, how to build single-family affordable homes.
Marketing Manager (December 2005 – May 2006)
Took an integral part in brainstorming and finding solutions to marketing effectiveness with Boys and Girls Club. Scheduled and developed all marketing materials. Provided copywriting and design materials to Committees, Board Members, and Executive Staff. Scheduled and organized large meetings, graduations and special honor events. Designed Scholastic Course Synopsis of the Building Horizons vocational program and trained staff to conduct presentations to District Counselors.

Notable Contributions:
• Wrote and designed all 2006 Marketing Materials (Full page advertisements, press releases, and brochures).
• Revised operations, administration departments.
• Developed successful relationships with local colleges and finance departments to further graduates’ education. Created direct pay scholarships to colleges for alumni.

Editor-In-Chief, Publisher (November 2000 – July 2004)
Magazine production, content and concept development. Trafficked journalists; assigned articles, oversaw research and writing, and motivated staff to meet deadlines. Wrote international and national news sections. Analyzed costs, budgets, P&L.
Editor-In-Chief/Founder, Action News Magazine; Group publisher of Chord Music Magazine. Editor Swiss Prive Financial Times.

Notable Contributions:
• Sold 33% of first issue's advertising space and 89% of third issue.
• Lowered costs 45% per issue ($1.10 vs. $2.00) by negotiating advantageous printing contract. Negotiated 17% price concessions with stock houses for international photos (Image Bank, Archive, etc.).
• Joined with nationally recognized graphic artist to design creative and innovative website.
• Spearheaded $15,000+ first-year savings by achieving nationwide distribution by second issue through personally contacting distributors. Placed magazine in local and national distribution, and Tower Record stores.
• Created demand for magazine by refusing large print runs, thus selling at 87% newsstand.
• Created and Hosted Radio Show for promotion of Action News Magazine.

Marketing Director (February 1999– November 2000)
Composed biographies for fitness celebrities. Wrote large-print advertisements, brochures, press releases, and publicity articles for clients. Managed production for magazines, sponsorships, seminars, fundraising events and campaigns. Liaised with Dylan Marer (founder, twice featured in Entrepreneur Magazine) on new product launches and all marketing concepts. Wrote speeches and created convention presentations using PowerPoint and Quark.
Notable Contributions:
• Live! Productions - Wrote radio advertisements and TV presentations.
• - organized marketing staff, art department (digital and print), wrote advertisements and infomercials, organized halftime promotions and giveaways, created radio commercials, wrote booklet advertisements, and designed promotional programs and tables for use at the Utah Jazz basketball games.
• Authored full-page feature advertisement and composed articles published in Moneyline and Entrepreneur magazines.
• Created and launched publicity campaigns-online and print. Analyzed market to assess target advertising, oversaw building of website and content. Promoted website through press- organized press packet, and researched outlets (including Oprah and SELF magazines).


- Strong Internet Skills (SEO, PPC, Wordpress, Email Campaign, Squeeze page, online branding)
- Computer skills include proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, iMovie, MS Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point). Familiar with both PC and Mac (OS9 and OSX) operating systems.
- Strong verbal written, analytical, and communication skills as well as the ability to promote teamwork and work with all levels of clients and employees.
- Advanced SCUBA Diver.
- Health Chef and Foodie.
- Written books and audios, including The Millionaire Manifesto (The Ultimate Entrepreneur Club), A Capitalists Last Stand: The Principles of Offshore (Libertaris Publishing), The Nutrition Revolution (April 2013)
- Hosted and spoken at various seminars throughout the globe.

Excellent References Gladly Provided Upon Request
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