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Freelance Illustrator & Anime Artist

Location:Hastings, Minnesota, United States
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I am a 17 year old artist. I have been drawing since I was 2 years old, I look at the world in a different way. I like to say I have upside down inside out multi-colored glasses on so I can look at the world in about a million different ways. When I draw I think of how the drawing would look best, unlike many artists I do not have a single style of drawing, all my drawings may have simple key aspects that are similar, but depending on my surrounds and the subject my art will change in appearance. I have a very fast paced drawing style so my art will often not take months to be done unless I have been given a novel to illustrate. From preschool to High school I have taken the basic given art classes in elementary school, the basics and beginners advanced design in middle school. And in High school I have taken Drawing 1-3, Advanced Illustration, Ceramics, I have taken out of school comic making classes, I have also taken an anime class. Along with those classes I have also studied from college level drawing books of old style ad's and advanced skills. Also I have studied the human anatomy books and learned from watching professional artists work at places such as a local drawing studio when I was around 8 years old. One thing I have always had that many artists I know do not, is a passion for what I do even when I make a mistake, I work hard to create a way to include that mistake not just erase or cover it up. I do not have a scanner to upload my work at the time but If required I am capable of finding the resources. On top of my skills there have been a few accomplishments of mine. One is I have been hired by an author to do an illustration for her book signings. I have also won multiple awards since I was about 7 years old to now in local area art shows and fairs. Also for the state DARE calender contest, my drawing was voted best out of 185 entries by a panel of adults when I was 12 years old. I have not been given much more of a chance for much more achievements in this area but I would like to be given more opportunities. Now About my writing, I have written multiple stories, poems and begun writing a basic novel. I have had my art and writing published in my school literary magazine and this year I am an editor for the magazine. My writing has also been published for a poem magazine at my local library.
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