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Kathy Mota

Freelance Portrait Painter & Still Life Painter

Location:Manchester, New Hampshire, United States
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I have been drawing for my own personal enjoyment for about fifteen years and use a variety of different mediums including pencil, charcoal, pastels, and colored pencils.

People who have viewed my work such as my portraits, landscapes, or creative art, tell me the look, precise detail, and yes the "feel" of it jumps out at you and you really can't help but stare in amazement time and time again. My father, in winter time, likes to take a break from work at home, to reflect on the drawing of Hilton Head Island's famous golf course (the 18th) and treasures the time he spent there. There is a ball from a very different and unique perspective shown in the rough which makes it very realistic for him. ) My Mom, will stare in rememberance at a portrait I did of our beloved dog Bailey who passed away this year.(

I have loved the Arts for as long as I can remember and consider myself so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with people to help them portray their loved ones and creative ideas onto paper. Collaborating with people is a real joy for me. I feel and am told that I create real treasures, forever keepsakes, and remembrances in a variety of unique perspectives with exquisite detail and craft”women”ship.