Malinda Masters

Freelance Song Writer & Jingle Writer

Location:United States
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I am a song writer. I have over 500 original compositions I have created. I do sing, I also play, and program keyboards. I have a studio in my house. I have been writing since I was 13, and that seems a lifetime ago. I have never opened up my work to the public before. I have been musically compared to: NIN, Mazy Star, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, and many other well known artists. I have several styles music, and would like to see what kind of options there are for someone like me. I have a country song that I think would be great for Shania Twain????? All of my songs are about something. I believe a song must tell a story, and have meaning so that they can be related to. If you wish to contact me with something of interest please do so.
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Song Writing
Jingle Writing