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Karrin Melo

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Painter

Location:Palm Harbor, Florida, United States
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I am a self-taught artist. Family members I have inherited the love for art from, could see my desire from the early age of four. However, whatever talent I have for art, I give credit to the awesome Lord above.
I learned how to Ceramic and China paint, from my grandmother, starting at age four. She taught me how to make my own pieces from molds we would pour ourselves. Clean, glaze, and fire them as well. I have painted dishes, mugs, tiles for bathrooms, back splashes, and sinks. China painting will always be in my heart.
I remember sketching a lot with pencils in middle school through high school. My grandmother taught me the important tips when shading, noticing that I loved to make my shading very dramatic! I have developed a love for pencil work because of the life you can bring to a picture in black and gray shades. Much of my recent pencil works have been of still life and portraits. A teacher I once had for an art class complimented me by saying my shading technique reminded him of McEscher.
I love experimenting with different mediums together.Mixed Media artwork with dimension and texture has become a desire. Leaving the onlooker feeling as if they see more than what is in front of them. Or that they have to look at every inch of the picture so they don’t miss a word, message or object hiding in the midst of it all. Standing from one side of the picture, then moving to the other side, to see words or images you would not see standing directly in front.
When it comes to my style of painting, I tend to love Contemporary, Fine Art and Realism. However, I paint all styles and will continue. Experimenting and painting what ever thoughts God speaks to me about, get an inspiration from a mood or moment, or what a client would like me to paint for them.
When working with clients, there is no better feeling as an artist, than to bring their ideas to life. Sometimes all a room needs is to add a little whimsy to the space. Whether it is a tile back-splash in a kitchen, a piece of furniture that needs a lift, a mural in a baby’s room that matches the comforter set mom has picked, a child that dreams his room to be…, a mural of a vineyard on a restaurant wall, or a canvas customized to add excitement to an office or room. Your desire is my passion!
On a personal note, when I paint for myself, my inspirations come from the beautiful world God has created for us. He has given us amazing senses and emotions that I love to capture. The beauty in the world around us is an endless possibility of ideas to capture. Art to me is “our imagination that we bring to life.”
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Animal Illustration