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Fran Jung's Freelanced Art Studio 2

Freelance Graphic Designer & Artist

Location:Forest Hill, Maryland, United States
Phone: 443-876-7291
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Contact me through my email is my second site, the business site. To learn more about the personal me check me out on Facebook at Fran Jung's Freelanced Art Studio

Why me well:

1. A real finalist of Marvel search before Disney bought them, I have the e-mail to prove it.
2. I have worked in the sales department for 8 years so I know cost on time and material. And you'll always get my best.
3. I have worked with artist inking pages and prints like Mike Gagnon ,Jim Mitchell, Michael Shipley and G2 Comics with Stephen Baker, Michael Brewer and Daniel Gracey
The site:
4. I received my certificate of registration for copyrighting. But to the customer, I make it known. What you want done is yours as long as I get paid and I can display it in my work.
5.I am finishing up inking pages with UWS Comics on a horror comic called Until We Sleep were I have become a member. For now, I will ink Until We Sleep but soon I will be doing my own stories.
The site :
6.I have a Wild Imagination
7. I use CS6 Master Collection plus Manga 5EX to do my digital art. Which I work through email with the customer to get the project right.
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Graphic Design