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Fran Jung's B Street Graphix

Freelance Graphic Designer, Artist, & More

Location:Aberdeen, Maryland, United States
Phone: 443-876-7291
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Contact me through my email is my second site, the business site. To learn more about the personal me check me out on Facebook.

Why me well:

1. A real finalist of Marvel search before Disney bought them, I have the e-mail to prove it.
2. I have worked in the sales department for 8 years so I know cost on time and material. And you'll always get my best.
3. I have worked with artist inking pages and prints like Mike Gagnon ,Jim Mitchell, Michael Shipley and G2 Comics with Stephen Baker, Michael Brewer and Daniel Gracey
The site:
4. I received my certificate of registration for copyrighting. But to the customer, I make it known. What you want done is yours as long as I get paid and I can display it in my work.
5.I am finishing up inking pages with UWS Comics on a horror comic called Until We Sleep were I have become a member. For now, I will ink Until We Sleep but soon I will be doing my own stories.
The site :
6.I have a Wild Imagination
7. I use CS6 Master Collection plus Manga 5EX to do my digital art. Which I work through email with the customer to get the project right.