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Heidi Kennedy

Freelance Drawer & Mural Painter

Location:Knoxville/Chicago, Tennessee, United States
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I am a married 31 yr old mother of two boys. I have been sketching since a very young age. I was that kid whos' mother never left home without a pencil & paper! I love drawing portraits from pictures people give me. ( Especially OLD PICS! ) I have been drawing them for so long and giving them as gifts to family and friends! I have drawn /painted murals for customers mainly nurseries,in the past. Now I am trying my hand at tattoo design, logos & t-shirt designs, window painting, business advertisement signs, billboard design, & my beloved portraits. I would absolutly love to help illustrate a childrens book but alas, art is feast or famine... never say never ! Primary mediums consists of pencil sketches, charcoal, & chalk. I have done acrylic, oil and watercolor painting in the past, but I dont prefer it. All you watercolor talents make me sick! lol I also like to use crapas oil, and I enjoy shading with light accents and realism, with my signature dark lines! (Yes, I have a dark side..may the force be with me.) Simple story: talent was noticed in highschool by my art teacher, where I did art independant studies, and eventually started displaying at art shows. I was a scholarship candidate for the Chicago Art Institute, but decided to go into the military. Still kicking myself for that one.Never kept up my portfolio back then...(ah, me....sigh.) Currently I am a healthcare professional. I recently became instructor certified, and I am continuing my education. I am trying to build my art portfolio back up. I guess this allows me to refresh my skills and try to improve. When people have ideas and I can help bring their vision to life on paper, it's such a good feeling. I thought I'd try my hand at an old hobby and if I can make some cash on the side!
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Mural Painting