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Stephany Causey

Freelance Artist, Book Illustrator, & More

Location:East Baton Rouge Parish., Louisiana, United States
Phone: 225-305-9745
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I consider myself a skilled professional Artist that has a God gifted natural born talent.I been sketching and drawing since 1988.But i specialize in painting portraits and customize which is oil on canvas.l am advanced in being creative.I believe i can put my mind to anything pertaining to art when it comes to accomplishing my goal to achieve success in life.also i can do mural paintings on walls if the job requires it.And i can paint wild life scenes as well.And i will succeed with this god gifted talents for as long as it takes to get to where i need to be:)Art is a very challenging moment for me,to reach out to others who are in need of my services,My talents needs to be explored by people from all over the United States.