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Mustafa Al-Waeli


I am a friendly, loyal and clearly dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment. Although I have extensive experience in the product development, I love to learn, and am always up to a challenge whatever the situation. I get along well with others, whilst also working efficiently on my own. I am seeking a position where I can develop and excel while giving my best to an employer


Instructor FSI, Foreign Services Institute, Department of State, Washington DC, (July 2011-April 2012)

? Developed lectures material in “Guidelines in how to use your interpreter in any given situation”.
? Provided training for officers and support personnel of the U.S. foreign affairs community, for a variety of situations (Iraq Familiarization Course) in the following course modules:
o Helpful Behaviors I (Arabic You Will Use, Social Customs in Professional Settings).
o Helpful Behaviors II (Professional Relations, Office Behaviors, Working with your Interpreter).
o Helpful Behaviors, part III Visual Cues and Customs, Do’s and Don’ts, Personal Inquiry, Holidays and Religious Observances.
? Conducted several lectures twice per month for a range of 20-40 diplomat personals for each lecture.

Arabic (Iraqi) Language Tester, Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI, Washington DC, (July 2009-present)

? Administer Speaking Proficiency Tests in Arabic / Iraqi language for all Bureau employees and new applicants.
? Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) skill level for Speaking Proficiency Test( SPT) in Modern standard Arabic (MSA) is 5/5 and in Iraqi dialect is 4/4

Bilingual Bicultural Adviser and Subject Matter Expert (BBA/SME), McKellar Corporation, Virginia Beach, VA, (May 2010-present)

? Prepare Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW) for a variety of situations that can involve sensitive and delicate cross-cultural communication.
? Teach, assess and improve the curriculum taught to Defense Department personnel to be deployed in Arab World through Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW) program.
? Communicate political and business-context data needed to make strategic decisions.
? Provide information about political strategies and sectarian issues in Arab World for the curriculum.
? Teach strategic planning and negotiating skills for meetings with high official and business settings, help CEW assess the operating environment.
? Improve and contribute to the curriculum to ensure better implementation of peace-building and reconstruction programs in terms of reflecting real life situation, reflecting the right culture and custom of Arab World and up to date based on the current events.
? Teach “HOW TO USE INTERPRETERS” classes and the difference between interpretation and translation methods, as well as Culture awareness.

Professional Interpreter /Advisor Freelancer, USA, (August 2008-present)
? Act as a cross-cultural link, facilitating multilingual communication between English and Arabic (various dialects) at high and low level meetings in the military, legal, political and business sectors.
o Clients include:
? Kentucky State court of Justice KY
? McKellar Corporation, VA
? Mobius LLC
? VALBIN Corporation, VA
? BC Fed – Blue Canopy Group
? Azimuth Consulting Group LLC
? U.S. Military Forces


Project Development Manager, Jordanian Vision for Telecom, Amman, Jordan (February 2005-October 2007)
? Report to Sales and Marketing director, responsible for managing /developing products for business customers.
? Digest and involve in implementing the company's strategic marketing plans to achieve corporate objectives.
? Create and supervise business plans and marketing plans.
? Develop written launch plans outlining the launch process, present launch plans to senior management for approval, and track actual unit sales and gross margin performance for new product
? Determine sales forecasts for proposed new products and justify new product development investments.
? Conduct new product training for the sales force including providing test units to key accounts (banks, universities) for use in demonstrations.
? Create and manage the policies and procedures with internal resources and all related external. parties,
? Keep up with the industry’s development and updates, and reflect that on the long term planning.
? Identify risks that are involved in the marketing development process, and metering its effect.
? Participate in developing external channels and strategic partnerships that add value and enrich the company’s portfolio.

Bilingual/Bicultural Advisor, Blue Diamond, US Army base ,AL-Anbar Province ,Iraq ,(October 2003-Januarey 2005 )
? Assisted the Multi-National Force in Iraq,
? Advised on the planning and implementing of programs in Iraq by Department of Defense (DoD).
? Aided Marines Training Support programs in-country, work with municipal and national councils and public services.
? Implemented training for Iraqi Police Officers and provided translation in Rule of Law, Weapon training and basic rights awareness programs provided by U.S. Army 94th MP and 855th MP, and the 1st Marines Division.
? Facilitated cultural awareness training, as well as instructed on religious and sectarian issues in Iraq.
? Inter-operated with military groups on various on-going and emergent projects, facilitate technical interpretation of ministerial-level conversations, documents and cultural matters in support of democratic objectives.
? Provided feedback and reports as directed by the Program Manager in weekly base.
? Developed content of vignettes for immersion courses; provide support for the “Training for Combat”.


The Iraqi National Center for Computer and Informatics, Baghdad, Iraq, July 2002
Post graduate /higher diploma, Software Engineering

Collage of education - Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq, July 2001
Bachelor's degree in education - Computer Science


Arabic: Native, English: Fluent.


Microsoft Office software, MS Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, MS Project, Visio, Lotus
Notes, Internet search strategies and technologies, networking, routers and telecommunication systems, signal transitions, cryptography and data security.
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