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Freelance Book Cover Designer & Digital Artist

Location:Mount Juliet, Tennessee, United States
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Any kind of art and fantasy adventure books have always been my passions. Combining them just came naturally. My mother raised me with the requirement of spending one hour a day doing something creative. It allowed me to explore mediums and learn to enjoy the process of evolving art and creative thinking. I made and sold my first books when I was in elementary school. I would type up poems, add pictures, stitch them together with yarn and then sell them in my neighborhood for a quarter each. It was how I made money for the ice cream truck as a kid. Now I work primarily with hand binding books and digital art for books and more. My BFA degree is in Visual Communications and Digital Design and my background and a large portion of my education has been in craft arts. I love to combine the two ends of things from the hand processes of arts and crafts to the new technologies available in this generation. It leads to some very unique pieces. If you are in need of book cover designs or illustrations, I thrive on the creative process and I will make sure you have just the right feel you envisioned for your project!
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Book Cover Design
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