Carol Forsythe

Freelance Mural Painter & Illustrator

Location:Fort Thomas, Kentucky, United States
2 Skills
cell (405) 625-7618 studio(859) 918-5198

I am a high energy self-starter with talent, maturity, experience, and a passion for scenic art.

Accomplishments and Experience:

Disney Co. - Scenic Artist, Prop and Sign Artist - (Disney World in Orlando, Florida)
Scenic Art, Design, Layout, Murals, Sculptures, Sign Art, Graphics, Gold Leaf, Airbrush, Faux Finishing, Hand Lettering, Pinstriping
I was chosen from hundreds of artists for this position because of my artistic and sign painting ability. I came on the Disney team as a master scenic and sign artist. As part of the Disney team I did many sets, signs, and props along with doing design work, sculpting of props, and also training of other artists. I worked many long hours of overtime on various rehabs of rides. I was given tasks that other artists could not do as well as I could, such as gold leaf of props. I painted signs and set for Disney commercials and for MGM studios. I painted large sets up to 25’ x 60’ for the Orlando Opera for the Nutcracker sets as part of the Disney team. I also set up a system of doing the silk screening of hundreds of trash cans for the park that saved weeks of work and money on these big projects. I also presented to the head of Disney Imaginers a movie idea that was used by Disney for a large successful movie project that is still famous today and has made Disney millions of dollars. As an artist, all of our work had to be signed off on by our Disney designers and I had every project I did signed off on the first time with no rejects or redo’s as I am very much a perfectionist and I pay attention to what is wanted and what is said to me. While at Disney I studied at Disney University on management which is a world famous management style, completing the course and obtaining my certificate.
U.S. Marine Corp. - Illustrator: 29 Palms Marine Corp. Base- T.V. News artist, Signs & illustrations for training materials and special base projects.
Because of my artistic ability I was chosen for a special project to design and create a certificate for our base commanding 4 Star General as he was promoted which included my own drawings and letter design. I also did drawings and graphics for our base television station to be used on air. In the Marine Corp I learned leadership, discipline, hard work, attention to detail, and how to always take pride in what I do and to do the job right the first time.
Scenic Contractor: Florence Baptist Church: I painted the set for Florence Baptist Church in 6 ½ weeks for their Passion Play which included over 8000 sq. ft. of drops, sets, floor boards, steps, and faux rock using only an occasional small group of non-artistic volunteers and my one part time assistant (whom I have trained) to look like Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. I designed part of the sets and chose paints, materials, and colors. I supervised part of the installation and prop placement. I worked over 100 hr. weeks to complete this job on time using the limited resources of man power to my availability. Florence Baptist Church was extremely happy with the beauty of the sets and my ability to finish in such a limited period of time
Rastar Productions-(Columbia Pictures) -Scenic Artist-Murals, hand lettered signs for movie “Lost in Yonkers” I was one of only 2 scenic artists out of the whole scenic crew that could hand letter, solving the problem they had with making sets that fit the time era of the movie. I also did window sign painting and large murals for the sets.
Cincinnati Opera--Scenic charge: I did a large drop 40’ x 60’ of ancient rocks and roads for the Opera “Carmen” with my trained assistant that included a short time frame, completing on time and to their complete satisfaction.
3dx Scenic: Scenic charge. I was in charge of the scenic artists. We did sets for large commercial projects and I did training of other scenic artists
Answers in Genesis Creation Museum: (Scenic Artist contractor) I carved and painted rock in concrete and directed a crew of 8+ (up to 16 at times) non-artistic laborers in artistic work. I solved a large problem that they had with excessive weight of the concrete in the museum by having them obtain the correct materials for reducing the heaviness of the concrete which made for greater safety in the museum and solved problems with the building inspector. It also made for greater ease of making the high sets that were over 30 feet tall, saving time and money.
Louisville, Kentucky -Public Art Project: I painted a sculpted horse for the sponsor of my horse: O’Charlie’s restaurants, with a theme from the restaurants and Louisville, Kentucky with many designs that amused their clients. I also submitted designs that were used by other artists for other horses and sponsors.
Man Made Wonders (Scenic Artist -subcontracting):¬ I painted and constructed sets and props, carved and painted sets in concrete and trained other artists.
Clients and projects included:
Paramont’s King’s Island waterpark: I was the lead artist with several artists under me on the construction and painting of sets for the water park. We constructed and carved thousands of sq. ft. of faux rock. In this project I made sure that the rocks had a realist look and that there were no sharp edges or surfaces so as to not cut the feet of swimmers. Also I carved ocean waves in concrete around a pirate ship and a castle was carved in concrete.
Cincinnati Zoo: I was part of the scenic crew that carved and painted over 30,000 sq. ft. of realistic faux rock for the polar bear exhibit over 30’ high including waterfalls and streams making sure the rocks would not cut the feet of the polar bear and they could not climb out. The rocks were painted to look extremely realistic.
Beach Water Park: I was the scenic charge with 2 assistant scenic artists on this project making faux coral in concrete and painting with 2 part epoxy pool paints using spry guns and hand painting.
Paramount Studios: I did design and construction of sample sets for the acquisition of projects
>I also carved and painted many waterfalls and faux rocks for many high end residences.
Wildwood Inn (themed hotel), I painted several murals, some as big as 30’ x 40’ high and 35’ x 30’ high. I and my assistant (whom I trained) painted over 1000 4” x 10’ pvc pipes to look like bamboo. I also cast and molded several large sea shells over 4’ across with another artist and then I air brush painted them to look real. I constructed 100’s of linear feet of faux vines with another artist to hang around the pool area and constructed and painted many other decorative props. I faux finished many of the rooms and painted several signs.
Florence Art Gallery: I painted custom art for clients and many portraits in oils. I managed the store at various times including sales of other artists work and customer relations which included helping customers with the best solutions to their needs and problems. I also gave art lessons for the public.
Wal-Mart Corporation (included portraits of Sam Walton.) I painted several large murals and several portraits of Sam Walton. The then CEO, Bill Fields, was so impressed with my work he had me paint a portrait of his best friend, Sam Walton, for his office at corporate headquarters. Wal-Mart has had many portraits of Sam painted and I was told by those at corporate offices that mine was the best one ever, that it looked more like Sam then any of the others they had commissioned. Mr. Fields was extremely happy with the portrait.
O’Charley’s Restaurant: I painted large murals in oil paints for their restaurants, one as large as 6’x 77’ with many different subjects including portraits of their upper management. The complete paint took only 3 months including a large change order from 6’x 33’ to 6’x 77’ at the last couple of weeks before installation as the size and place to install had changed. I finished on time even with this large change.
Kings Productions-(Paramount Studios) -Scenic Artist-Scenic art, Murals and Signs for King’s Island and other amusement parks owned by King’s production. (This was separate from my other work for Paramount)
Beverage Trucks USA-Sign Artist: hand lettering, spray painting trucks, application of large decals on semi-trucks and trailers
Numerous public and private works

Between projects I paint fine art, give art lessons at community education classes and private and public lessons; I do caricatures at festivals and local markets, and other various commissions.

Special Skills include:
Design, Management, Scenic art, Story Boards, Illustration, Murals, Sculpture, Sign Art, Hand drawn art
Sculpting in numerous materials including concrete, foam, clay, and papier-mâché
Advanced Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, basic Dreamweaver, basic InDesign, Microsoft Word, Power Point
Detailed (realistic) paintings to Cartoons, quick sketches and Caricatures, Portraits
Airbrushing, Spray painting, Pinstriping, Faux Finishing, Gold Leafing, Silk Screen
Painting in all Mediums, Hand lettering, Mold Making and Casting
Hand tools including power tools, building and construction skills, including concrete
Application of decals, large and small, on flat and corrugated surfaces

If the project calls for something new to me or there is a problem to be solved, I research and quickly learn what to do and what is needed for the job at hand and new things for future projects.
I will find the answers and the solution to every problem. I will find the best and fastest way to complete the job, always on time and under budget! Whatever it takes!

Central Academy of Commercial Art - Cincinnati, Oh. - Graphic Design and Illustration
Disney University-Lake Buena Vista, FL. - Management and computers
Daymar College-Belleview, Ky. –studied web design-(not completed)
I am constantly studying and researching art, applications, materials and all related subjects so as to be current and up to date on all things in the industry and acquire new skills and knowledge.
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Mural Painting