Luciano Giacomozzi

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Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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Luciano Giacomozzi was born in a suburban neighbourhood of London, England in the early nineties to a middle class family. Growing up, Luciano received a very significant amount of recognition for his talents in the arts, winning awards and stealing the spotlight of school exhibitions and assemblies. His focus sprang into action when he began teaching himself to play many instruments, music production and composition at the age of only 6 years old (and still, to this day, always teaching and learning new things). As a primary student, Luciano was a member of the school choir (constantly competing with other schools at the local church) and being named, upon leaving the school, as the most creative student.

Luciano, utilising his people skills and raw creative impulses, worked organising school concerts and playing multiple instruments to entertain fellow students in a secondary school with declining interests in music, drama and art. In 2008, when recession hit the UK, Luciano left his education at 17 to teach his home-schooled sister. After leaving, he was offered a job teaching music production at his last secondary school but declined due to his family responsibilities. He also scored many of his friends' media studies projects, including his own mafia-themed coursework. Calling on his extensive family heritage and inspired by the widespread traditions and cultures of his ancestors, Luciano is never shy to let the past influence his music. He studied theatre studies at a-level but dropped out to help out at home.

Even though he never received any professional or classical training, the self-taught musician has gone on to land jobs scoring a wide array of projects from machinima to games. With genres varying from jazz and soul to classical and epic, there is no style that cannot be adopted, tamed and adapted by the 19 year old. If you need a musician that's strange and different, music that's twisted and weird, you need the limitless ambition, experimental flare and raw creativity of Luciano Giacomozzi.
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