Les Moyes

Freelance Website Designer & Creative Writer

Location:Saint George, Utah, United States
Website: http://www.harmonyroadsg.com/portforlio
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Email: moyesprofit1@hotmail.com

Summary statement: I am a fast learning, creative problem solver, who uses web technologies to increase traffic and gain new customers.

Web Design/Development skills:
* Built compliant web sites from the ground up, including pre-planning, design, and coding. Proficient in (x)html, css, and svg.
* Created interactivity through implementation of web forms, automatic email responders, wordpress, and forums. Customized interactive elements through basic php scripting.
* Set up and maintained automated email responder campaigns. Configured and customized auto-responder software.
* Optimized web sites for search engines, including original content creation, article writing, and seo writing.
* Did keyword research, finding high-ranking keywords for content.
* Prepared photos for the web, including color correction and photo restoration. Optimized photos for web sites.
* Designed other images - logos and website backgrounds both by hand, using svg (scalable vector graphics,) and through vector based drawing programs.
* Thorough understanding of ftp.
* Set up and maintained mysql databases.
* Video preparation, including content creation and editing. Integrated video into websites.

Other skills:
* Graphic Design: design of signs, promotional flyers and advertising, and websites, including computer aided layout and copy.
* Photo and Video Editing: Photo manipulation: color correction, layers, and compositing. Video editing: sound, transitions, splicing, compositing, titling, formating, preparation for web, and basic shooting techniques.
* Modeling and Animation: Working knowledge of basic 3D modeling and animation techniques.
* Knowledge of marketing principles.

Recent Design Experience:
* Learn Music At Home
* Harmony Road Music Academy
* ScannerLady
* Cake Mama
* Shape Up Fitness

Portfolio - www.harmonyroadsg.com/portfolio
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Website Design
Creative Writing