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Suzanne Gillis - Screenwriter

Freelance Screenwriter & Ghostwriter

Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Phone: 781-654-1418
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I specialize in story development and writing top quality professional screenplays that always find a home. Executing a professional screenplay takes time, money and expert knowledge of the craft. I have been a Professional Screenwriter since 1995 and Professional Ghostwriter since 2007. I have written over forty screenplay and work mostly with independent producers on rewrites, story development and professional screenplays that are already assured of getting produced. I have an MFA in Screenwriting from Columbia University and and BA in Screenwriting and Film from Hampshire College.

If you are looking for a quality top notch screenwriter, and have a reasonable budget starting at $1500.00 (for story development) and $4000.00 (for screenwriting), I can help. The fees are paid in stages and are accompanied by writing agreement contracts so you are assured of getting exactly what you are pay for and what you would expect from a professional writer.

Your script will be well received within the industry because they will know immediately reading a script written by a professional. To have a script that stands out, means you have to willing to make a serious commitment and investment in the project. This takes time, and money. It is not something that can be accomplished on a 'minimal budget' if quality is what you really want. Visit my website WWW.SCRIPTSTORIES.COM for more information about how I work with my clients, and what recent projects I have been working on.

Suzanne Gillis
Professional Screenwriter Ghostwriter
Cell: 781-654-1418
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