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Location:Rexburg, Idaho, United States
Phone: 208 356 6369
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I recently earned an MA in English from King’s College London. I love all things having to do with the written word, from reading and writing to editing and publishing. I am a born editor. Ever since I was very young I could not help but notice the grammatical and syntactical errors in the various things I read. They jump out at me like incongruent pieces of a puzzle. I have a passion for editing and proofreading. This comes from my tendency towards perfectionism. I love to take a good piece of fiction or academic writing and reshape and polish it until it gleams. Recent freelance editing stints have included academic papers at the Master’s level as well as a fantasy novel and short stories.

I have been writing stories and poems ever since I first learned how. I have read all over the board so I’m very familiar with the styles and motifs of many of the fictional genres, as well as literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. I have tried my hand at writing in just about every genre and major writing form.

My travels have taken me all over the globe, on unbelievable adventures. Starting in sunny California, where I grew I up, I then went on to live for a year-and-a-half in Thailand as a missionary/English teacher, and am fluent in spoken Thai as well as reading and writing Thai script. My next adventure took place in London, where I lived for a year while I earned my MA in English at King’s College London. My latest adventure was to China, where I lived for four months as a volunteer English teacher. I plan to go live in Shanghai for a year starting in the fall. I am picking up Chinese—spoken and written—amazingly fast. I attribute this to my knowledge of the Thai language, which is tonal like Mandarin Chinese.

Besides editing, writing, academic scholarship, and language acquisition, my talents spread out into other fields and include playing the harp, organ, and harpsichord. While in China I began taking guitar lessons—that was an interesting experience, as my teacher didn’t speak a lick of English. I can draw and oil paint, and write a resume to suit any position. I have held the oddest jobs: I worked at a bakery for two years, as a substitute teaching for grades k-12th for another couple, and for several months as a service technician at a tire & lube express. Through my exposure to so many cultures, customs, and experiences, I am game for anything and everything.
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