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Kevin Steward

Freelance Graphic Designer, Graphic Novel Artist, & More

Location:United States
Phone: 615 283 0417
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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and taking a few moments to look over my work. To tell you a little bit about myself well I am an illustrator/comic artist and graphic designer. I love about all aspects of comic art and am fortunate enough to have been published 3 times in my short comic career. I specialize in sequential art but I do everything.

I hope that I can help you out with your artistic needs and please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Please send me an in site message to contact me. I have removed my phone number because I am getting calls from telemarketers now. Just wanna make sure its not because its posted.

Quick list on pricing:
Page rates for sequential and comic books, graphic novels.Contractual agreements or deals not withstanding. These are base rates.
$75 for pencils and digital inks per page
$35 for color per page and pinups separate.

Tools of the Trade
Adobe Suite CC,CS3
Manga Studio 5