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Tanisha Shaefer

Freelance Song Writer & Ghostwriter

Location:Decatur, Georgia, United States
Phone: 678-768-9189
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I am an Artist/ Songwriter. I am seeking to sell my songs to potential artists and customers. I tend to write all Genres of Music from Rap/Hip Hop, Country, R&B, Rock and Roll, etc. God has blessed me with a talent to perform and write songs for others that are in need of songs. I am seeking an entry level position to write songs for upcoming and major artists. Pay is negotiable. My lyrics are some of the best lyrics to be a female. I have been writing songs over eight years.
I have beautiful R@B songs that I have written and also nice Hip Hop Songs, and Country Songs, and Rock @ Roll songs too. I am willing to go the extra length for any artists that is willing to go all the way. I tend to write all day until it is to the extent where others feel like it is a hot jam too. I am always open to views and opinions that would possibly help me to improve some of my work or as a person. You could actually go to my myspace page and type in squad loose or sizzleatl and you could hear some of my songs that I wrote and recorded. I have some great new R@B songs that I have written and ready to sell to other artists. I have one song that is called ( Are You The One), (A Country song called Voyage), Hip Hop Song Called (I ain't been right every since)..... I also have entered the International Songwriters Competition in Nashville, TN. I actually submitted some of my songs there and hope that I be a great winner. You could actually email me at
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