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Robert Ngare

Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Mural Painter

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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I am passionate about Graphic Design, and art in general. T-shirts seemed a suitable platform as it would enable me to interact with and get an almost immediate response from an audience. However this opened up new horizons as I created concepts, designed the graphics, logo, and typography, pacakaging and print and kept it all in-house.
I co-founded Ifreecans Collective in 2008. The idea was to create a platform where a mix of creatives would come together, share ideas, collaborate and exhibit their works of art. The original founding members had similar experiences in designing and printing t-shirts and as this was the initial common ground, it became the nominated first canvas that was used by the collective for both personal and collaborative works. What started out with 3 artists, ended up as a collective with a changing roster of 8-12 international members , who have thus far created murals, edited and created brand identities, designed and printed t-shirt graphics for various clients, initiated and curated live art events, street festivals and exhibitions and run stalls and pop up shops. The most artists we have ever worked with at any given time was 25, for a 6 week mural project commissioned by Camden Stables Market. Through the Ifreecans Collective, I have managed to work on a diverse range of briefs and live projects, improve my communication and teamwork skills,applied and tested my Graphic design, printing, painting and illustration capabilities and cultivated a growing confidence in myself as a creative thinker and practitioner.
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T-Shirt Design
Mural Painting