Tamlin Buys

Freelance Data Entry Freelancer & Help Desk Freelancer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
2 Skills
FRONTLINE TRAINING CUSTOMER SERVICE; Communication Skills, Self-Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Telephone Etiquette.
FINANCE FOR NON FINANCAIL MANAGERS: Intro to accounting, different forms of Business Ownerships, the Bookkeeping process/Accounting Cycle, Financial Statements, Budgeting.

01st – 30th JUNE 2005: Holiday Job

COMPANY:BoE Private Clients Gauteng
POSITION:Temporary Staff – Filling Clerk
REFERENCE:Natalie Selling
CONTACT TEL:(011) 480 - 1738
REASON FOR LEAVING: Part time employment to gain experience.

04th JANUARY 2006 – 08 December 2006:

COMPANY:MEO Garden Services CC
POSITION:Temporary Staff – Personal Assistant
DUTIES:Retail: Admin, accounts, bookkeeping, reconciliation, client queries, answering calls
Filling, setting up meetings, hiring of equipment.
REFERENCE:Martin Olivier
CONTACT TEL:083 – 657 - 8766
REASON FOR LEAVING: Was offered a permanent position at a greater company
(Drake and Scull)

03rd JANUARY 2007 TO 30th OCTOBER 2009:

COMPANY:Drake and Scull (Facilities Management, Pty Ltd)
POSITION:Reception and Switchboard
DUTIES:Arrange access into the building.
Assisting clients telephonically
Assisting manager’s clients
Assists in the booking of the training rooms
Switchboard: transferring calls to the required department or person. Helpdesk: Logging calls for Standard Bank for all Satellite Sites, answering the phones, filling, handling customer’s queries. Creating work orders, closing work orders off on time, capturing invoices and quotations.
Quality Control Training: Do weekly inspection, report all faults to
Helpdesk. Then do routine check if all calls were log.
REFERENCE:Dorcus Matsimbi
CONTACT TEL:(011) 636 - 1311
083 – 411 - 2222
REASON FOR LEAVING: Promoted as a Helpdesk Consultant.COMPANY:Drake and Scull (Facilities Management, Pty Ltd)
POSITION:Helpdesk Consultant
DUTIES: Generate work orders for Standard Bank for all
Satellite Sites, answering the phones, handling customer’s requests and other faults. Creating work orders on the EAM System, close off all work orders off on a daily basis. Assists supervisor with coordinating and distributing work to other operators, maintain own administration and filling on an ongoing basis, keep an open channel of communication in regard to changers or procedures with other operators assist in other work related tasks when required.
REFERENCE:Michelle Triegaardt
CONTACT TEL:(011) 636 – 9911
083 – 797 - 7283
REASON FOR LEAVING: Promoted as a Quality Controller

07st JUNE 2012 TO 31 December 2012

COMPANY:Drake and Scull (Facilities Management, Pty Ltd)
POSITION:Quality Controller
DUTY:To ensure that outputs are maintained as per the SLA and Scope of Work. Monitoring compliance and identifying non-compliance areas/ following up on problems/ monitoring trends and patterns of non-compliance/ conducting various daily, weekly and monthly inspections. Report and log calls to helpdesk for the DSFM 3rd party supplier scope. Establish a Self Audit Program to be used at site level to increase the quality standards of service to the client. Submit monthly operational reports. To maintain harmonious relationships with service providers, contractors and sub-contractors and business partners. Communicate any non-conformance matters same day to the SBSA Workplace Manager by completing the appropriate non-conformance report. Enforce health and safety and security measures, immediately report any non-conformance.
REFERENCE:Zelda Maritz
CONTACT TEL:079 893 0614
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Data Entry
Help Desk