Sally Brennan

Freelance Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Kent, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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Cover Letter
Dear Sir/madam,
My design skills are based on traditional methods hailing from a Fine Art background, familiarity with traditional techniques: drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. I can take a project from pencil sketch to digitally finished product. I always aim to achieve high standards and good taste.
I work with Adobe Master Suite CS4, CS5, my workflow includes: Photoshop, After Effects , Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere. I use the Suite to create project for online and film, I have broad knowledge of Animation, and I have worked on various collaborative projects.

I have been a self-employed model maker for the past eight years making 1/12th scale characters for the doll house collectors market. My website . Each model is one of a kind sculpt from polymer clay. The experience of being self-employed has made me incredibly hard working, conscientious and more then used to long hours. At some of the larger Dolls House shows which I sell my models at, they also run workshops where I teach people how to make a model using the same techniques I have perfected.
I have also been studying for the last three years, covering many aspects of animation, film and web design.
Part of my MA involved group collaborations where I donned many hats. This is a paragraph from the feedback my Tutor sent me;
“You have done really well on every job you have signed up for on the various Haiku projects. The fly is very well designed and lifts the overall visual quality of the Dead Fly haiku. The felt embroidery was beautifully made and had a great impact on the overall look of the Eagle haiku. The green screen work and the compositing is faultless and the 3D fish is well modelled and animated. The credits on Basho and the frog are very good. You have clearly worked very well as a member of all the teams. You have been described as reliable, fast, producing work of high standard, good at listening and happy to modify work when needed. You have done brilliantly!” contains examples of my work. this is a link to my online CV.
Thanks very much,
Hope to hear from you,
Sally Brennan

Higher Education

London Metropolitian University
MA Digital Film and Animation 2010
Stop motion 76%
Research Paper 70%
Genre Development 91%
2D 71%

The University of Greenwich
Fd BSc Multimedia Technology 2009

First Year Results

Production 83%
Visual studies and web media 90%
Multimedia Computing and Programming 65%

Second Year Subjects

3D Animation 81%
Multimedia production 2 76%

The University of Coventry
BA (Hons) Fine Art 1999
Link to some of my art work:


Moby, Wait for Me, 2010

All post Production, Stop motion, 3D

Doritos, King of Ads 2010

Part of a group entry. All post production, special effects and sound editing.

Doritos, King of Ads 2010
Individual entry. All HD filming, 3D, compositing, sound, concept.

Work Experience

October 2002 – present day Miss Sally World
I have been self-employed for the past 9 years, I am highly self-motivated and more then used to working outside of office hours. I make miniatures, which I sell on the internet and at eight major dolls house exhibitions here and in the states. Each piece is a one of a kind character sculpt in polymer clay, my website is

July 2003 - July 2005 Manager
I had my own shop in the corn exchange, the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, selling dolls house collectible.
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Digital Art