Rodney Olivier

Freelance Website Architect & Website Programmer

Location:Toutle, Washington, United States
2 Skills
A position as a Web Developer utilizing my knowledge to provide quality innovative solutions to modern day problems.

Summary of Qualifications

Working as a web applications developer and designer with several companies, have provided quality services, which included hardware and OS installations for Web Services.
Designed and programmed customer services and departmental suites and gained new knowledge to enhance my skill set. Introduced methods that provided better production gains company wide.
Skills and Platforms
Windows workstation - 7/Vista/XP/2000/9x/NT4 Profesional
Window Servers 2003/2000/NT4, SQL Server 2005/2000, ColdFusion Server 7MX/5.5, IIS 5+
Linux (Centos, UBUNTU, SlackWare), Apple OS X, Apache Server (on Linux and Windows).

Languages and Tools
PHP, Wordpress, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, ColdFusion, Eclipse IDE with Plastic Version Control, Dreamweaver CS4/CS5, Photoshop CS4, Flash CS4/CS5, Eclipse IDE with Subversion on MAC OS X, Visual Studio 2008 Express, MSSQL Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer, MySQL Administration Suite, MS Office 97through 2012, Paint Shop Pro 6 - 8, VM Ware workstation and VM ware server, Visio 2000 , Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Adobe Reader (all).

Employment History
WideNet Consulting Aug 24 to Oct 19, 2012
Contract: Tecplot, Inc.
Web Developer
Provided Bug fixes and enhancements in a custom Wordpress front end system utilizing PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, MySql, and using SOAP to connect to a WebService to use data from a CRM backend.
Used SVN version control.

Contract: HealthplanCRM Apr 19 to Jun 30, 2012
Web Developer
Provided Bug fixes and enhancements in custom Customer Resource Management system utilizing ColdFusion, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS and MS-SQL 2008.
Used Plastic version management.

Independent Contracting - 1099 Oct 2011 to Jan 2012
Slumbervoo LLC.
Design and Graphic adjustment, and implementation of PayPal API shopping cart.
Created custom CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySql modules to implement the site.

Comforce Corporation
Contract: Radiant Global Logistics May 2011 to Sep 2011
Web Developer
Provided cleanup on Customer Management package utilizing PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVN, PostGreSQL and MSSQL 2008
Worked with team to complete project on time.
Used object oriented methods to cleanup and enhance existing code and to create new functions.
Hard-Working, Goal-Oriented and a Team Player

Everest Consultants, Inc,
Contract: Northwest Engineering Service, Inc. Dec 2009 to Jan 2010
Web Developer
Provided additional custom report and data collection forms. Using PHP and MSSQL 2005
Fine-tuned existing reports.

Everest Consultants, Inc,
Contract: Boys and Girls Club of Alaska (Telework) Jan 2008 to Summer 2009
Web Developer
Modified pages written with “Horde Application Framework” for Contact and Employee/Volunteer Management as well as Donation Management System.
Using PHP5, PEAR Libraries, Flexy Script, MySQL, HTML, Java Script, SVN
Developed the application in the MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP) architecture.
Wrote custom reports with ability to set filters and sort report by up to three columns with options to select output to screen, CSV, PDF or a combination of screen and CSV
Worked with object oriented programming concept such as Inheritance.
Developed GUI using PHP, HTML, DOM, CSS and JavaScript.
Wrote Query structures to enhance data access using Outer, Inner, Left and Right Joins.
Fine tuned complex SQL Queries to improve data access performance.
Implemented Auto Complete searches using JavaScript.
Used client-side (JavaScript) scripting to validate user input.
Tracked and fixed bugs during all phases of development.
Developed Tabbed pages using advanced session techniques for complex form processing, allowing client and clubhouse agents to input data.
Worked with CSS to layout and style pages and maintain Cross-Browser continuity.
Developed custom, dynamic user interface.

Other Experience
Personal projects: The Lost Highwaymen, 2009 to 2010
Added WordPress to website
Modified theme to integrate custom graphics.

Oregon Polytechnic Institute- Portland, Oregon, Graduated Winter 1987
Associates of Applied Arts and Science in Computer Software Technology

DeVry University Fall 2009 to Present
Earning Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Design and Development.

Additional Experience
Personal work, Libraries and MVC tools
• JQuery • WordPress • Drupal • Code Igniter • Symfony • DOJO • ProtoType.