David Stacy

Freelance Video Editor & Video Producer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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StacyFXproductions! Everything in Post!

I am interested in talking to you about your project. Do you need more than just editing? If you want a professional sounding voiceover and you want it now give me a call. Need Royalty Free Music? Send me an email of a low res video file, and I'll scored your music fast! In some cases I offer a one day turn around. If you want a sample sent me a short clip. If you need editing, graphics, sound design, color correction or other post production services read on:

I have A to Z experience in all phases of production and would be interested in helping on your project as needed. I write script, light, shoot, direct, edit, and publish to the Internet using search engine optimization techniques. Website/graphic design are also available.

In post production I do: editing, color correction, sound design, music scoring, ADR, voice-overs, tracking and rotoscoping. I have a top of the line Mac Pro loaded with editing and graphic software including Final Cut Pro Studio, Avid, and Autodesk Smoke for post production in my studio or I can boot up my software from an external drive on your workstation.

Sound design and arranging royalty free soundtracks for any genre is part of my service. I have about 200 GB of royalty free music from which to compose a score for your project and about 200 GB of sound effects that almost eliminate the need for Foley. Add to that my professional voice-over for your trailer and you have a complete package.

Almost all footage needs color correction. There is no substitute for good production light, but the best of ideas in production can change in post. Where shots were taken in poor lighting I can effective create three point lighting in post adding tracking spotlights to the right or left, and to the foreground or background if necessary.

That's my pitch. I am looking forward to talking to you about your project. Please contact me as soon as possible so I can understand your scheduling and plan my other business accordingly to work on your projects. I live in Tustin, Orange County and welcome an opportunity to talk about how I can meet your needs.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Stacy

The following links show some of my work:

Voice-Over Demo:

Music Soundtrack links:
Campus Sniper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PgfDUaEKg8
Gaffer's Delight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIcjk7k9vR4
Animation Short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1PfySAlERc

Link to All Videos: Producer, Director, Script Writer, Editor, Lighting, Cameraman, Actor, Voice Talent


Available: Full Time; Salary: Open
Sales; Marketing; Advertising; Web/Graphics Design; SEO; Multimedia; Video Production, Sound Design and Voice Talent.

Employment History:

Post Production: Intern Editor.
Silver Dream Factory - October 2011

PRODUCER/VIDEOGRAPHER: Self-Employed: Jan. 2005-Current
Producer, Director, Cameraman, Video/Audio Editor, Voice-Over Artist, Talent/Diction Coach, and Web Site Development and Search Engine Optimization. I have a vast library of royalty free music, sound effects, royalty free graphics and images.

Small Businesses Experience - Overview:
Self-Employment overview: Jan. 1974 to Current
Multi Media Production - Video and Web services: (5 Years - Current - part time);
Printer/Printing Broker (12 years);
Hard Cover Bookbindery (12 years);
Yacht Service (3 years);
Wholesale/Retail Floral business (10 years).
These and other business ventures provided broad experience in product development, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, sales, customer relations, management and training.

TV studio and Video Production teaching assistant - Orange Coast College; Jan 2007- Aug. 2009
PRE-PRODUCTION: assist students in script development/storyboards, set design/layout, camera/lighting layout; other roles: graphics generator, lighting engineer.
PRODUCTION: my roles: director, technical director, control room engineer; assist students at camera, tele-prompter, audio mixer.
POST PRODUCTION: editing, sound design.
OTHER DUTIES: Hardware/Software instruction, coaching Talent, Hardware installation/service.
Routing, Shading (CCU, Wave monitors, Vector scopes), Monitor Calibration


Mac and Windows operating systems - Competent on both
including hardware installation, and software problem-solving skills.


Final Cut Pro Studio; Avid Media Composer; Autodesk Smoke;
Adobe Premiere.

Audio and Sound Design:
Soundtrack Pro; Pro Tools

Photoshop CS5; Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5

3-D Graphics/ Animation:
After Effects CS5 (Compositing, Animation)
Motion 2 (Compositing, Animation)
Maya 9 (3-D animation)

Video - Other:
Color (Video Color Correction)
DVD Studio (Authoring)
Compressor (Output for DVD, Web, iPod)

Web Design:
WordPress, Dreamweaver, iWeb

Word Processing:
Microsoft Word; Excel; Visio, Final Draft 8 (Scriptwriting)

Other Skills-

Interviewing; Writing; Public Speaking; Teaching; Training and Coaching

Other Activities:
Athletics - Coach: Tennis, Weightlifting, Track;
Teaching - English Diction Coach; Religious Education;
Music - Choir member

Relevant Education:

Institution: Orange Coast College
Program: Video/TV Production Certificate
Start Date: Jan. 2006
End Date: Jun. 2010

Institution: Mt. San Antonio Community College
Program: Art Design; Computer Graphics; 3D Animation Certificate
Start Date: Jan. 2004
End Date: Nov. 2006

Institution: Orange Coast College
Program: Math/Science
Education Level: Graduated - Associate of Arts


John Aguirre; Silver Dream Factory - Producer, Director, 1181 North Knowllwood Circle
Anaheim, CA 92801, (323) 466-1905; my position - editor

Christina Ford; St. John the Baptist School - Director of Religious Education, 1015 Baker St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 714-557-5060; Supervisor - my position: volunteer teacher

Tina Brady; company: Judgment Recovery Assistance - President; 92 Corporate Park, Suite C-220. Irvine, CA 92606 (714) 545-2450; Client: SEO, promotional video, writer

Christine Small, company: 1ArtSchool - owner; 358 Walnut, Costa Mesa, CA,92627 (949) 769-9838; Client; SEO, Web design, photographer, writer

Al Massip, company: The Chess Center - owner; 2103 Santa Ana Ave. #C Costa Mesa, CA 92627 949-650-4339; Client: promotional video
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