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Lawanna L Williams

Freelance Script Writer & Screenwriter

Location:Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 3365178429
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Name: Lawanna L Williams

Lawanna was always a late bloomer. She was always the one, skipping the most non-delicious lunches in the high school cafeteria to read books or magazines about filmmaking, earning her the nickname, “The Reader.” How, incredibly original!`-

When Lawanna was just in grade school, she would tell her little sister bedtime stories that she couldn’t get enough of every night to get her to fall asleep at night. Her artistic abilities allowed her to make her first moving cartoon, “Pepe,” a cartoon about, their Chihuahua. She began winning art, poetry, and short story contests with her work showcasing at the local itty bitty tiny Piedmont mall.

At age 14, Lawanna received a Panasonic word processor as a gift from her uncle’s girlfriend and she wrote her very first play, “Innocent.” In order to make her friends, laugh she wrote a funny short story about two friends that got caught in a very compromising situation. Both pieces of literature were to only be read by a few, close friends, but they loved it so much and were circulated throughout the school. True to fashion when Lawanna got ear that her work was in the hands of teachers, she thought she would get in trouble because of some of the questionable subject matter. Never fear, the teachers and the principal loved it.

She joined the drama club, creative writing club, and she took art. Her first mindset was to become an artist, but she soon realized her true passion was script writing. Some time after graduating she moved to the Boston, Massachusetts area to figure out the direction she wanted to take and three years later found herself working in a plant, making ends meet and paying the bills. Lawanna could not and would not forget her extreme desire to write. She kept writing and decided to take film classes at Piedmont Community College. Before she could obtain her degree she had to have pesky foot surgery followed, by ulner tunnel surgery from electric shock and a good stint in physical therapy. Yes, we have to laugh!

Lawanna experienced many setbacks but she knew that she would never stop dreaming or writing. Her love of movies and television pushed her to pursue a career in writing scripts. Lawanna took on freelance writing gigs at MyAltRego and CRUNK magazines. Proving that time is only lost when a dream is wasted.
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