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Michael Stolyar

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Location:North Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
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Hello all. My name's Mike and I am a recent college graduate. I have a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Media Studies and a great interest in writing. I feel as though it is a natural talent of mine and something I have practiced throughout the years to hone and mold into a style that I can effectively command and call my own. I have written short stories, poetry, and started on both a novel, as well as two screenplays. I would definitely call myself a nerd given my enthusiasm and love for the arts of cinema and comics, especially because given the chance to work in any of these fields, I would probably drop whatever I might be doing at any given moment just to pursue said opportunity. As far as some of my work, I have put it up on display on a blog of mine at tumblr (, so if anyone reading this profile would like to check out a couple of my writing samples, be my guest. As far as the other projects I've started, the screenplays are about two completely different subjects. The first being an exaggerated pseudobiography about growing up in a suburban town and the other about a young boy forced to fend for himself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, while the novel I've begun to write is about two best friends who ultimately grow apart and find themselves on opposing sides in the wake of a great tragedy that befalls the country. Unfortunately, I have not been able to put in a dedicated amount of work into these projects due to my obligations to finishing college, although now that that's behind me, I would most definitely like to focus my efforts into continuing my writing, both for recreational purposes and perhaps find some way to profit from my skill as well, which of course brings me to this website. If anyone is in need of a writer for whatever reason, whether its to help draft documents or to perhaps lend a helping hand on a project such as a comic book or screenplay, please contact me.
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