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Dee Shirley

Freelance Artist, Painter, & More

Location:Virginia, United States
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I don't think there was ever really a point in my life where I became an artist. As far as I can remember, art has just always been part of who I am.

If you ask me which is my favorite medium to work with, my answer will be that it can change from day to day. I love anything that presents a challenge. I've drawn in graphite, color pencils, watercolor pencils...I've painted with acrylics, oils, gouaches...I've thrown clay, sculpted clay, fired clay...I've shot, developed, printed from my own film and progressed into digital photography...I've sculpted figures out of wire, mesh, foam and paper...and even digitally colored a graphic novel. And I've loved all of it...yes, after weeks of frustration, I even loved working with gouache!

Today I'm still creating, still learning and still loving what I do. Ask me my favorite medium today

and I'll tell you photography. Ask me tomorrow, it may be painting. But one thing that I can promise you is that there will always be paint on my clothes, clay under my nails and a flash card in my pocket!